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Yuneec E-GO2 Electric Longboard Skateboard

This model is no longer available. (As of 12/1/2018).  Check out the latest Motorized Skateboard Review article for more options!

If you are after a sharp looking electric skateboard, check out the YUNEEC E-GO2. This high class board has a sleek, shark shaped body with a slight kick tail and raised edge deck. The primarily black paint is accented with your choice of color- green, yellow, blue, or hot pink. The 90 mm polyurethane wheels match the accent paint color. You are sure to get noticed riding this beauty.

It’s not only good looking; the YUNEEC E-GO2 is practical. With a mid-level price tag and performance options, this is the perfect commuter or student board.


The YUNEEC E-GO2 Electric Skateboard has a 12 mm, 8 layer wood deck covered with a black, skid proof mat. Optional accent colors include bright blue, green, hot pink, and yellow. The front wheels are the same color as the accent color. On the underside of the deck is a battery pack that powers a 400 W hub mounted motor. The board can travel at speeds from 8 mph up to 13 mph. While this seems slow, the range makes up for it. The board will travel 18 miles before needing recharging.

Recharging takes a while, 4-5 hours actually. This is a slow recharge, compared to other brands. Once fully charged, the YUNEEC E-GO2 Electric Skateboard will easily carry riders up to 220 pounds over most smooth terrain, including well groomed grass. Even though the motor is only 400 W, this board conquers hills like a champ. A 15-20 degree hill will be no trouble for most riders. Speed might decline a bit, but the board won’t struggle to make it to the top.

The motor actually has two speed settings and two mode settings. Turtle speed will allow you to travel about 8 mph on flat surfaces. Rabbit speed is faster, about 13 mph. Both of these are considerably less than other electric skateboards offer. Two travel modes allow you to adjust turning speed. Sport mode allows tighter, faster turns. Eco mode is more for beginners.

All of these options are controlled using the included Bluetooth wireless remote. Sliding controls let you easily accelerate or brake. Regenerative braking means you save battery power as you slow.

Let’s talk about the battery. The YUNEEC E-GO2 features a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery pack which is mounted under the deck. The battery pack takes several hours to charge, but allows you to ride a full 18 miles before needing recharged. Recharging is easy with the included charging cable. Monitoring battery level is easy with the optional YUNEEC E-GO2 App, available on iOS and Android. The app keeps track of speed, battery life, miles travel, and other options.

If you prefer to ride your board like a traditional long board, just disconnect the motor from the wheel hub and use foot power to travel on your way.

As far as ease of replacing parts or upgrading, there is a company website with contact information, but no parts list appears. The boards are made in China, so that might affect the availability of replacement parts. There is a 6 month limited manufacturer’s warranty included. Exactly what is covered, I was unable to find out.

The price point of this board has it selling for right around $400. This puts it in the lower end of a range where professional boards cost a couple of thousand dollars. While not the cheapest board available, this one seems to be a good value for the money.

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Yuneec E-Skateboard User Review

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The look of this board makes it eye catching, setting it apart from the others. The adjustable speeds and modes make it a good board for a beginner, even a teenager. The 8 ply, 35 inch deck is long enough to allow both feet to sit comfortably, and the raised edge helps keep feet on the board. The 400 W motor is strong enough to carry an adult rider uphill, but not so strong that it drains the battery quickly. This high quality board is very affordable.

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This board is slow. Its maximum speed is only 12 mph, even when fully charged. Going uphill, you will travel even slower. The length of time it takes to recharge the battery is 4-5 hours, which is more than most of the other electric skateboards.

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 Dimensions: 21 x 18 x 5.8 inches
 Weight: 13.9 pounds
 Wheels type: 90 mm polyurethane
 Materials: 12 mm thick, 8 layer wood deck
 Weight Capacity: 250 pounds
 Motor: 400 W wheel hub mounted
 Miles per charge: 18 miles
 Maximum Speed: 8-13 miles per hour (depending on weight)
 Battery Type: rechargeable lithium ion
 Charging Time: 4 to 5 hours
 Remote: Wireless remote control
 App Connectivity: AppStore, Google Play Store (optional)

8.2 Total Score

Overall, this sharp looking board is affordable, reliable, and versatile. Even though not as powerful as some others, the YUNEEC E-GO2 still gives a great ride for the money. I would recommend that you try it out.

Build Quality & Ergonomics
Value For The Money
  • Sturdy 8 ply wood deck
  • 400 W motor
  • 18 mile duration
  • Multiple speed settings
  • Multiple maneuverability modes
  • Wireless remote control
  • Ability to use as traditional skateboard
  • Slow speed
  • Recharge time 4-5 hours
  • Weight- 13.9 pounds
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You can read the user manual here for detailed hardware specifications, warranty information and more.

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