4 Best Electric Scooters For Kids

Rental Electric Scooter - Kid Riding DowntownElectric scooters are quickly rising in popularity with kids and parents alike, and for very good reason: They’re fun!  Today, there are electric scooters for all ages, so they’re just made for some much needed, family time together.  All of the  scooters in our article for the best electric scooter for kids, will greatly benefit your child.  First, these scooters promote independence in your child. As they ride, they are developing a strong sense of self, as they are in control, they are making decisions as to where to go, and when to stop. It also gives them some valuable outdoors time, as they get to spend some time away from the television set, and go out and get some fresh air.

As you read our review of the best kids electric scooters, keep in mind several things. First of all, the height and weight of your child. No matter how stunning the look or how affordable the price, never be tempted to ignore weight recommendations. Look for a scooter that suits your child’s age range, as we’ve included a good variety of models here, for different ages, from small to teen, and only purchase a scooter that they can easily learn and handle.


1. Razor Pocket Mod Min Euro Electric Scooter

Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter Featured Image

High Performance with a Vintage Italian Design

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Since 2000, Razor has sold over 34 million scooters globally, and among that number, 13 million are electric. They are the top name in scooters today, and have made and continue to make a massive impact on the market, which includes scooters for kids. Made for kids 13 and older, up to 170 pounds, the Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter is an eye-catching, well-built product, designed to offer your child years of fun and adventure. With its classic, vintage appearance, your child will definitely feel as if they are truly in the driver’s seat as its variable speed motor hits a top speed of 15 miles per hour. Propulsion for the Pocket Mod is controlled by twist grip accelerator  located on the handlebars and braking action supplied by a hand brake. .  

It goes without saying, that Razor is well known for the dependability and reliability of its quiet chain driven motors. Its high-torque, chain driven motor is powered by two 12 volt, sealed lead-acid rechargeable batteries. It takes up to 12 hours to charge the scooter, but once it’s up and running it’s rideable for around 40 minutes, which equals a 10 mile range. Please note that if the charging time is a bit much for you, you can purchase a battery upgrade which is designed to increase run time while decreasing battery charge time.

This is a tough and durable electric scooter, with a frame constructed from high quality steel, and bearings constructed from shatter resistant plastic. A smooth ride for your child is guaranteed via its 12 inch pneumatic tires and rear suspension system. Features include a twist grip throttle, soft rubber hand grips, retractable, center mount kickstand and convenient under seat storage area. The Razor Pocket Mod Euro Electric Scooter comes in a wide variety of colors to suit your tastes.

  • Sturdy, vintage styled frame constructed of high quality steel
  • Affordable and easy to ride
  • High-torque, chain driven motor
  • Ability to upgrade battery for better performance

  • Charging time may be a bit long for some users



2. Razor E100 Electric Scooter – Budget Friendly, High Quality

Razor E-100 Electric Scooter

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Our next offering also comes from the Razor family. The Razor E100 is a top of the line, budget friendly kids scooter. However, don’t let its affordability fool you.  The E100’s steel construction means that it can withstand whatever your child throws at it.  Its 100 watt, high torque chain motor can reach a top speed of 10 miles per hour for a full 40 minutes ride time of around 4 to 6 miles, which makes it perfect for the younger set of around 8 to 12 years of age, up to 120 pounds.  

As for wheels,  the front tire is  a large, 8 inch pneumatic tire which does a great job of absorbing shocks and ensuring a smooth ride, and the back is a 4.9 inch urethane wheel. Powered by two 12 volt lead-acid type batteries, the Razor E100 is a favorite with parents as it offers kids a smooth and quiet ride, gives them suitable standing room as well. As for braking, the E100 comes with a front hand brake, and once your child dismounts, a retractable kickstand keeps it upright.

The E100 can reach a top speed of 10 miles per hour, so can probably work well with youngsters from 8 to 12.. If your child is older, then we recommend you looking at our review for the Razor E300, a scooter that can be used from 13 to adulthood.  The two 12 volt, lead acid batteries take around 8 to 12 hours to charge, and the E100 is quite easy for your child to learn to use. This model comes with a neat, kickstart feature which prevents premature acceleration. In other words, the hand throttle has no variable speeds, so accidental acceleration is prevented by its “Kick-to-Start” feature. This means that your child will have to kick the scooter to propel it first.

Before you go, we also encourage you to take a look at the Razor E100 Glow. This is an alternate version of the electric scooter that we just reviewed for you. However, it has the added punch of lighting up when being ridden, which increases your child’s visibility while out riding, which is extremely important. The E100 Glow can reach a top speed of 10 miles per hour, carry up to 120 pounds and comes with a rechargeable battery.

  • Affordable and budget friendly
  • Gives kids a smooth and quiet ride
  • Frame is crafted from durable, high quality steel
  • 100 Watt high torque chain-driven motor

  • Lead acid batteries instead of Lithium Ion
  • Not the best when it comes to going uphill



3. Razor E300 Electric Scooter for Kids – Powerful and Fast, A Scooter to Grow With

Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review

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Razor’s on top of its game again, with the Razor E300 electric scooter for kids 13 and up. Powered by Razor’s signature, quiet, chain-driven motor, the Razor E300 can reach a top speed of 15 miles per hour, and support its rider quite comfortably on its large deck and sturdy steel frame.  In comparison with the E100 from Razor, you’ll find that the E300 is larger, and more powerful than the E100, which means it can provide an excellent ride for any teens or adults up to 220 pounds who see fit to take a spin. Also, since it is larger and can support adult riders, if you purchase this for your youngster, know that it’s an electric scooter that will take your child into adulthood.

The frame and rider are supported by nice, wide 10 inch pneumatic tires, which is what gives the E300 its smooth, easy going and comfortable ride. Just one look and you’ll notice that the deck is super wide, wide enough to comfortably hold two large feet stead on it’s anti-slip surface. The 46 pound E300 does not arrive pre-assembled, so there will be some assembly required. However, assembly is quite simple and should take no longer than 10 to 15 minutes.

Once it’s assembled, plug it in and allow it to charge for a full 12 hours.  Once fully charged, you can expect your electric scooter to give you up to 40 minutes ride time.  As mentioned, the E300 is powered by a chain driven electric motor, which is powered by a 24 volt lead acid battery.  With all that power, it’s no wonder why the Razor E300 has such an easy time both on smooth pavement as well as dirt, gravel and grass. Features include a retractable kickstand, twist grip acceleration control, hand operated rear brake,

  • Quite, powerful chain-driven motor
  • Easy to ride on smooth pavement, grass, gravel or dirt
  • Affordable for the high quality it delivers
  • Large, wide tires support the sturdy steel frame

  • Some users found that the battery was not powerful enough for their use


4. HoverStar Electric Kick-Start Scooter – Good Choice for the Little Ones

Give your youngster the freedom to zoom up and down sidewalks with the HoverStar Electric Kick-Start Scooter. The HoverStar is made for the younger set, as it holds riders up to 120 pounds and reaches a top speed of only 6 miles per hour. It’s powered by one 12 volt battery which gives it a max range of 5 miles, which equals about 45 minutes ride time.. As it’s a kick-start electric scooter, your child will have to manually kick it to push it forward before the motor takes over, and any stops are handled by a dependable, hand braking system.

The 6 inch wheels are ½ in wide, and made from polyurethane. Again this is a very small scooter meant for smaller kids, as it measures only 29 inches long, 31 inches tall and 7 inches wide.  It does require assembly, however it’s pretty easy and you should have the scooter up and running in under 15 minutes.

  • Great, lightweight electric scooter for smaller kids up to 120 pounds
  • Has a nice, slow speed of 6 miles per hour for small kids
  • Gives a 5 mile, or 45 minute ride time on one charge.

  • It’s a kick-start scooter, so your child will have to kick to get it moving
  • Does require some assembly



Criteria Used for this Review

It’s no secret that there are hundreds of scooter models available on the market today, so we new going into this, that it was not going to be easy sorting out which ones to offer you. However, it all became a bit clearer when we marked out our criteria. After all, these electric scooters are for kids, so they have to be easy to use and made well. We also had to find the best electric scooters for kids that suited various age ranges. However, as previously stated, in the end, it’s all up to you, the parent, to make the final choice, and you do this by taking your child’s age, weight and current gross and fine motor skill development into consideration.

How Easy it is to Learn and Ride

Each of the scooters on our list have an excellent reputation for being easy to balance and ride for the children in their age group. After all they are built for fun, so the faster the kids can get them up and running the better. Customer reviews were favorable when it came to ease of use. However, a big part of this also falls on the parents shoulders. In other words, don’t purchase a Razor E300 scooter for a 5 year old, hoping they’ll grow into it.

Overall Design and Durability

The top consideration revolved around how safe tthe overall design of this electric scooter would be for your child. Fortunately, the scooters on our list are all from bonafide manufacturers who take great pains to ensure that the electrical components are up to industry standards. This means that they are using high quality materials for the frame, tires and offer you solid electrical components. There is one thing that you should consider purchasing separately, and that is a headlight and reflectors if the model you select does not have them. It’s imperative that your child remain visible. Reflector tape is also an option. For example, this fun horn is made for both scooters and bikes, and has 25 sound effects and 5 light settings

However, I do believe parents should take it one step further. If you are not purchasing the scooter directly from the manufacturer, give the manufacturer a call and ask them how to spot a knockoff, as knockoffs might not have been built with the same care and consideration. For instance, some companies will ask you to give them the bar code numbers on the box, so they can check if it is one of theirs. On the whole, each of the electric scooters on our list are from well-known and trusted companies who put their reputation on the line in producing a safe and secure electric scooter for your child.

Finally, toys are made to be enjoyed, to be played with. So, we only looked at children’s scooters that were known for their  durable construction and use of high quality materials.  Electric scooters which are manufactured with the highest quality materials, such as steel, will not only last a long time, but you’ll have less risk that the scooter will fall apart while your child is riding.


When talking about scooters for kids, speed has to be a consideration. You can’t have a small child on a scooter that can reach a top speed of 15 miles per hour. We needed to include scooters that would be accessible for the young, as well as older child. For instance, The HoverStart is specifically designed for small children. It’s small in build, and can only move up to 6 miles per hour, no faster. Now, a speed that slow would bore an older child to death, so for older kids, we looked and found the Razor E300, which can hit a top speed of 15 miles per hour. Scooters for young ones 8 to 12 years, for instance, should go no higher than 10 miles per hour.

Battery Life

These scooters run on rechargeable batteries, so you want to invest in one that has high quality batteries that will give you child a decent amount of fun time while on the scooter. There is one thing we particularly looked at, and that was the ability of a scooter to have battery upgrades. In models such as the Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter above, charge time is rather lengthy and it was a concern for some consumers. Razor offers a battery upgrade which you can purchase separately.  These battery upgrades are surprisingly affordable, and should probably be purchased at the same time you purchase your scooter.


Remember the importance of gear when it comes to your child and their electric scooter. Under no circumstances should they be going out into the world without protective gear, and that includes a good, sturdy helmet, knee, elbow and wrist protectors. Also, make sure that you actually instruct your child how to ride, to obey traffic rules and become familiar with road signs, and not just depend on the scooter to take care of everything. Show them to look out for pedestrians, stray pets, uneven pavement or paths. Make sure they know that this scooter has a limited run time, and not to wander too far from home, and to always try to travel with friends, parents or siblings. Finally, never let your child ride a scooter, electric or not, with open toed shoes or barefoot. Appropriate footwear is essential or you risk your child severely hurting themselves.

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Wrapping Up

There you have it, a comprehensive review of the best kids electric scooters. If you’re new to the world of electric or “E scooters”, you’re not alone as they are a relatively recent addition to kids ridables. By paying close attention to the age, weight and cognitive development of your child, you’re sure to find a good match among the above selection.  Little girls, for instance, might prefer the Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter, for its style and ability to store items under the seat. While an older child may find the E-300 more to their liking, due to the power, control and speed it offers. Also, don’t forget the battery upgrades. Since some children will ride the scooter longer than others, it can’t hurt to purchase a battery upgrade as well. They are inexpensive and well worth the investment, especially if your child loves to ride.