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Swagroller Electric Unicycle Review

This model is no longer available. (As of 12/1/2018).  Check out the latest Electric Unicycle Review for more options!

The Swagtron SwagRoller is an Electric Unicycle with all of the bells and whistles.

The SwagRoller is more than just your average Electric Unicycle. With customizable LED lights and a Bluetooth enabled internal speaker this unicycle is a totally awesome & fun way to get around town. As a market leader in electronic ride-ables, you know that Swagtron is going to deliver an amazing ride that stands up to Swagtron’s reputation for building quality products.


One of the most notable features is that the The SwagRoller has a free app that links to your unicycle using bluetooth. The app is your portal to all of the awesome features the SwagRoller has to offer.  With everything from speed control to LED lights, The SwagRoller is not going to disappoint if you love the playing with all of your gadget’s extras.

Using the app, you can easily control the maximum speed of the rider. That means if you are not completely comfortable with your kid cruising down the street at the SwagRollers maximum 9.3 mph, you can control how fast they go with a simple swipe.

One of my favorite app-enabled features is the bluetooth speaker. You can link up your phone’s music to the actual Unicycle and play anything out of the internal speakers! Just imagine riding down the boardwalk on one of these guys with your favorite tunes blasting the soundtrack to the movie that is totally your life.

The app also controls the LED lights on the front and back of the unicycle so you can change the colors and patterns to fit any occasion. If you just leave the LEDs on without any instruction, they take their cues from the directions of your movements making you more visible when it’s dark out.

The unicycle also comes equipped with a 14” diameter dual air-filled tires you can trust that–if you follow the operating instructions–you are in for a safe and sturdy ride.

You can also easily take it with you when you aren’t riding. Though it weighs quite a bit at 30 lbs, it has a sturdy handle–similar to those on a suitcase–that you can pull out and roll your SwagRoller wherever you can’t ride it.

BlueTooth Connectivity Instructions

  1. Make sure your Unicycle is on to activate Bluetooth.
  2. Press longer on the SwagRollers power button until a voice prompt will confirm that it is going to be in Standby Mode.
  3. From either AppStore or Google Play Store, download the SwagRoller.
  4. Turn on your Bluetooth and open the SwagRoller App on your mobile device. Make sure that your Bluetooth is also discoverable.
  5. On the app, click on the search icon—you can find it at the top right corner. Upon clicking, your SwagRoller will appear.
  6. Choose the SwagRoller and key in the default password 000000

A confirmation will appear and you are now connected to your SwagRoller. You can now use the application with total ease.

For more information, make sure to check-out the official SwagRoller Manual.

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Swagroller Electric Unicycle Promo Video

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Having equal parts standard and extra features makes the SwagRoller a pretty all-encompassing product. It goes beyond what you would normally get out of a self-balancing unicycle.All its settings can easily be managed through the application that you can download from both AppStore and Google PlayStore. It also has a high capacity weight limit allowing you and any member of your family or friends—for that matter—to have a go on your unicycle. Moreover, it is great in making quick and easy turns and it has a maximum speed of 9 miles per hour and even has an uphill climb of 15 degrees. Not only is it a great piece of equipment, it is an accessory that you are going to WANT to have around. It’s practically a party on wheels!

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Unfortunately, even with great power and strength, it cannot climb uphill if the weight is over 190 pounds. It is surprisingly versatile in it’s ability to tackle many different terrains, but still struggles with sandy & muddy areas. The double wheels can run over the sand but with slight difficulty. Mud deeper than 4 inches is a major problem that your unicycle simply cannot handle. The speakers can be loud in a quiet area but the sound is easily drowned out in a crowd. The battery lasts for approximately 12 miles on a 3-hour charge, which is slightly below average.

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 Dimensions: 20.5 x 16.5 x 5.5 inches
 Weight: 30 pounds
 Wheels type: 14″ Air-filled Rubber
 Frame: Aluminum frame and footrest
 Age Recommendation: 10 and above
 Weight Capacity: 265 pounds
 Motor: 450 W motor
 Miles per charge: 12.4 miles
 Maximum Speed: 9 miles per hour
 Battery Type: Lithium Ion
 Charging Time: 3 Hours
 Bluetooth Functionality: Bluetooth Speakers
 App Connectivity: AppStore, Google Play Store
 Additional Features: Speakers, 4 Preset LED patterns, headlights

8.8 Total Score

We love that you can trek on difficult terrain with ease. Simply by shifting your weight in all directions, you can control the speed and direction of your unicycle. Although it has problems with extremely sandy and muddy grounds, it can hike uphill over small rocks, gravel and slightly muddy terrain. This is a great alternative to your standard 2 wheel self balancing scooters!

Speed & Range
Design & Ergonomics
Build Quality & Maintenance
Value For Money
Available Features
  • Very easy to use.
  • It has powerful all-terrain wheels.
  • You can bring it anywhere, even on really bumpy rides.
  • Much more versatile than traditional 2 wheel self balancing scooters.
  • It is heavy ( 30 lbs! ).
  • It is age specific—meaning it cannot accommodate kids under 10
  • Too bad it doesn't come with a seat. ( If only the retractable handle could also double as a seat! )
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  1. I bought a swag roller and it broke with in 3 months. I sent it in for repair and it was sent back with the same issue as if not touched. This product and the warranty are both garbage. Buyer beware

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