Segway X2 x2SE – Off Road Smart Personal Transporter

Have you ever looked at a hoverboard or two wheeled personal transport vehicle and thought how cool it would be to go offroad, someplace like the beach or a hiking trail? Well, now you can. A relatively unknown company called Ushining is about to take the world by storm with their new Off Road self balancing electric vehicle. Looking like a Segway on steroids, this personal transport allows you to motor up even the harshest paths.


The Ushining Off Road Self Balancing Electric Vehicle is a two wheeled personal transporter with handlebars, similar to the popular Segway. The adjustable height handlebar grip is attached to a sturdy diecast aluminum frame. Steering is accomplished by leaning the direction you want to go. The gyroscopic sensors detect even the smallest movements. Safety features prevent the device from tilting too far forward or backward. Another safety feature built into the design of the Ushining Off Road vehicle is a lowered deck, which actually sits between the two wheels, rather than than on top of the two wheels. This lowers the center of gravity of the rider and provides extra stability and balance. The wide, sturdy deck features two large nonslip foot pads for comfort and safety.

The Ushining device rides on two massive 21″ knobby rubber tires, allowing it to travel on terrain other vehicles can’t handle. The Off Road self balancing vehicle can handle tall grass, sand, rocks, and other rough surfaces such as bumpy hiking trails. To protect the motor and computerized components from sand and water, the body has a sealing rubber ring. The unit is water resistant, but not water repellent. You cannot take it into the water to ride, even if you are on the beach. Wide fenders cover the tires, protecting the rider from sand and mud.

4000 W motors power the device, giving it phenomenal power. Even on rough terrain with a large adult rider, 12 mph is easily achieved. The unit travels an impressive 21 miles on a single charge from its Samsung Lithium Ion battery. Recharging takes just 4 hours and can be done from any household electrical outlet.

Safety features of the Ushining Off Road vehicle include a rear mounted LED light bar and adjustable speed control. An anti-theft system and cable lock protect your vehicle from others.

The device weighs 114 pounds, which is quite heavy. This is because it has had to be beefed up in order to handle the off road terrain.

This off road capable two wheel vehicle looks like it would be fun to ride on the beach or in the woods. The fact that it can climb slopes up to 45 degrees means it will handle most trails without problem. Like any two wheeled self balancing device, the manufacturer recommends you wear protective gear such as a helmet, knee, and elbow pads. They even include these in your package.

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Segway X2 x2SE Instructional Video

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Off road capability makes the Ushining Off Road Self Balancing Electric Vehicle really cool. Finally, we can use our personal transport device on the beach or trail. It is even water resistant, so a little ocean spray or forest dew won’t hurt it.

It looks cool, too. The hefty frame, wide fenders, and 21″ tires give it a true off road appearance. I forgot to mention above that it is also available in different colors, so it will stand out from the crowd.

The fact that it can still travel 12 mph, which is the average speed for any two wheeled personal transport device, is really impressive. You would think that the extra bulk and weight would slow it down, but it doesn’t. The range of 21 miles on a single charge means you could spend a day on the beach or trail before it needs recharging.

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The price is still really high, compared to other two wheel personal transport vehicles. If you can settle for one that only travels on pavement or asphalt, you can save yourself a couple thousand dollars.

Another problem is that this unit ships from China, which can takes months. Plus, there is no warranty information available. Are we going to have to ship it back to China for service?


8.5 Total Score
Amazing Ride

If you are in the market for an off road capable, two wheeled personal transporter and can afford it, this is worth checking out. It promises lots of fun in places other transporters can't go. It looks like it is well built and has many of the same features as the popular Segway.

Range & Speed
Value For The Money
  • Super powerful 4000 W motors to push through sand, dirt, or rocks
  • 21" x 8" knobby rubber tires for rough terrain
  • Lowered deck for better center of gravity
  • Samsung rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Rubber sealing ring for water resistance
  • Range of 21 miles
  • 4 hour recharge time
  • Maximum rider weight 330 pounds
  • Rear LED light bar for visibility at night
  • Includes safety gear
  • Weighs 114 pounds
  • Bulky and takes up space so storage could be a problem
  • Unknown company
  • No warranty information available
  • Shipping from China
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