Segway Off-Board Chargers Recall Due To Shock Hazard

PT Off Board ChargerScope: Approximately 24 Segway PT-Off Board Chargers
Manufacturer: Segway Inc
Affected Models:
All models with the following serial numbers are affected.

15201C000362, 15201C000364, 15201C000366, 15208C000404, 15208C000406, 15222C000460, 15225C000486, 15225C000489, 15225C000494, 15242C000546, 16210C000621, 16210C000629, 16210C000630, 16210C000631, 16210C000632, 16210C000635, 16210C000636, 16214C000638, 16214C000639, 16214C000641, 16214C000642, 16214C000643, 16214C000645 and 16214C000646.

**The part number and serial number can be found on the bottom of each charger.

Reason For Recall:

Segway PT-Off Board Chargers sold from January 2015 to October 2016 are known to have a defect that allows a wire inside the charger to detach and ground itself to the charger casing, resulting in a shock hazard for consumers.

Next Steps:

  1. Stop using the product IMMEDIATELY.
  2. Contact Segway via phone, their website or from  your local Segway authorized dealer.
  3. Segway will provide you with a free replacement power cord.

Segway Contact Information:

Call 866-473-4929 8am-5pm PST Monday-Friday or Visit online at

Original Recall Information


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