Segway- the Cadillac of personal transport devices has created a lightweight, quiet, two wheel scooter suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Dubbed as the i2 Personal Transporter Scooter, it is being marketed to small businesses and consumers. However, the price tag will prove to be too much for many individuals.


The Segway brand has been around since 2002, when the first standing personal transport devices were created and sold to large businesses and law enforcement offices. Since that time, the Segway company has grown and expanded with more products geared to a more varied consumer base. While these devices are still relatively expensive, you do get what you pay for. Segway’s reliability and quality make up for the price. Other companies have created copycat devices, but they don’t measure up to the quality of the original Segway.

The i2 Personal Transporter Scooter offers many of Segway’s patented features on a scaled down model. Weighing just 105 pounds, the i2 is less than half the weight of the original. While this still keeps it from being classified as portable, it is much easier to store and carry than the larger Segway devices.

The Segway i2 personal transport has the longest range of any self balancing two wheel personal transport. It will travel for 24 miles on a single recharge. Other, less expensive models only travel 10 to 12 miles before needing recharging.

The max speed for the i2 is 12.5 mph, allowing you to travel wherever you want to go quickly and efficiently. The 19″ rubber tires provide traction and a quiet ride both indoor and outdoors, on a variety of packed surfaces. The i2 travels easily on paved surfaces, concrete, gravel, packed dirt, and grassy terrain.

The unit is made of durable die cast aluminum capable of withstanding several tons of pressure. The 25 inch wide deck is wide and sturdy, and features two treaded rubber footpads wide enough for rider comfort and safety.

The movement of the i2 is controlled by Segway’s patented lean to ride technology which relies on a total of five gyroscopes and numerous fluid filled levels that detect even the most minute of weight shifts. Two internal circuit boards with 10 microprocessors communicate with the motors located in the wheels, creating a very technologically complex artificial intelligence.

Riding the Segway i2 is as easy as standing on the deck and shifting your body weight a tiny bit. Standing upright and still will allow the personal transporter to stay in one spot. Leaning slightly forward allows you to move forward. Leaning slightly back allows you to move in reverse. Tilting the handlebars right or left tells the device to turn. Because it is a two wheeled vehicle, it has zero turning radius making it ideal for you in tight spaces.

The tilt to steer handlebars are adjustable and comfortable to grip. Hooks attached to the stem of the handlebars allow the rider to carry bags and other items.

The Segway i2 comes with a Bluetooth wireless InfoKey. This unit displays speed, mileage traveled, a vehicle odometer, and controls security features such as wheel locks and an alarm.

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Segway i2 Product Review

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Segway brand name and reputation

The Segway i2 Personal Transporter Scooter is well made and carries the Segway brand name. It travels quickly and has a long travel range before needing recharging. The complicated technology requires to operate the device was pioneered by Segway, so you can be guaranteed you are getting the most up to date technology available. The i2 is safe to use and easy to operate, even for beginners. It has large, rubber tires that allow it to travel over various types of terrain without getting bogged down. The two wheel mounted motors are powerful enough to carry a large adult uphill without draining the battery or slowing the machine.

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Price-even a used one can cost several thousand dollars. Which is a shame because the i2 is an absolute blast to ride and every aspect of it’s construction seems to be carefully considered. Every aspect that is except for it’s monstrous 105 lbs weight, which makes traveling / moving with it much more difficult than some of it’s counterparts. We should also mention that another downfall to the current gen model is it sports dual control circuit boards which could be expensive or difficult to repair/replace should any components burn out down the road.

9.7 Total Score
One Of The Best!

The Segway i2 personal transport is the leader among two wheeled self balancing scooters. It is modeled after the original and offers the same technologies and workmanship, but at a smaller size. Smaller size doesn't mean you sacrifice performance or features though. If I could afford one, I would buy it.

Speed & Range
Value For The Money
  • Segway brand name and reputation
  • Range is better than any other personal transport available
  • Recharging time takes only a few hours
  • UL approved Lithium Ion battery pack
  • Easy to learn to use
  • Safe to ride
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Computerized gyroscopic technology for sensitivity to movement
  • Made of die cast aluminum for strength and durability
  • The price is still out of reach for some/most consumers.
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