Best OneWheel & SingleWheel Models of 2019

Looking at anyone cruising and carving the streets on a one-wheeled skateboard and you’ll first wonder how the heck they can stay on the thing. Then, you’ll most likely notice the huge grin they have on their face. What initially looks like a difficult ride, is in reality–fun. When you learn that the smart, self-balancing sensors are what help keep people up and gliding, you begin to understand just what it is that brings people to these rides.

As you read through the four products we have listed below, keep in mind that no matter how difficult they appear, the learning curve for these rides is actually very low, with some learning the basics in under a few minutes. Simply start with your back foot by placing it on the rear pad. Next, take your front foot on the sensing pads. it’s these sensing pads which will cue the motor to engage. To move forward, simply lean forward. To slow, just move backward! Now that you are a bit more familiar with these one-wheel rides, it’s time to check out the products below, to find out which one best suits your needs.


1. OneWheel Plus XR – Best of Breed

The OneWheel + XR is a beautiful example of perfect personal transport. If you’ve ever ridden a skateboard or snowboard, then you’ll be right at home on the OneWheel + XR. In fact, it’s a great way to get some urban “snowboarding” in during the spring and summer seasons. With a 12 to 18 mile range and top speed of up to 19 miles per hour, the OneWheel + XR’s wide, 10 inch wheel can take you over any terrain, from pavement to dirt paths. Easy to ride, the hypercore brushless motor is built in-house, with the axle working as a heat sink to help dissipate the heat.

The really great thing about this hoverboard, is that there’s no remote. Control is via the foot pads, you simply lean into the direction you wish to go. Smart LED’s are in the front and rear of the deck, and act as either a headlight or taillight, depending on your direction. Now for the app. This app has one of the best designs ever. It’s user-friendly, easy to use and packed with useful features, such as distance traveled, speed, battery usage and digital shaping, which helps you select different cruising profiles. Take our word for it, once you slip on your protective gear and hop on the OneWheel + XR and get to rolling, a nice smile will plant itself on your face, and you’ll probably not want to get off!

  • Tough, 10 inch wheel takes you from pavement to dirt without any problem
  • Smart LED’s in the front and back that act as a headlight or tailight, depending on your direction
  • Powerful Hypercore brushless motor
  • Easy to ride with a low learning curve

  • May be a bit too expensive for some


2. OneWheel Pint – Best Value For Money

On May 14, 2019, OneWheel posted a video showing how their OneWheel Pint actually beat an Uber in a race from Manhattan to Brooklyn. The 23 pound OneWheel Pint is an electric skateboard alternative that truly does get you where to go. While it might be a bit smaller than it’s sibling, the OneWheel Plus XR, the quality and performance remain intact. You get a range of 6 to 8 miles, powered by its 750 Watt hypercore brushless motor, with a top speed of around 16 miles per hour.

Unlike the standard electric skateboard, the OneWheel Pint has no need for a remote control. Instead, all you do is lean forward to move forward, and lean back to slow and stop. As for stopping, the Pint brings with it new tech called SimpleStop, which makes dismounting a snap, especially for newbies. Yes, it’s just that simple. Features include a conveniently placed magnetic handle so it’s easy to transport, light bar for battery charging, One perk that many rider will simply embrace, is the fact that Future Motion’s OneWheels, both the Pint and Plus are highly customizable. That’s right, they have plenty of accessories to spice up your ride, such as magnetic fenders, footpads, magnetic handles and even stylish backpacks.

  • 750 Watt Hypercore brushless motor
  • No need for a remote control
  • SimpleStop Technology makes for an easier stop and dismount
  • Magnetic handle for easy transport

  • Might be a bit too expensive for some riders


3. SkootRider Single Wheel

The SkootRider markets itself as an alternative to the electric skateboard, by calling itself a “surfing electric scooter”. This one-wheeled marvel is capable, easy to learn, and built from durable materials. so it can definitely transport you to where you need to go, and do it quickly. As for terrain, the SkootRider single wheel electric scooter can easily handle sand, dirt, gravel, water and even snow. Whether your travels involve pavement, dirt, inclines or straight downhill, even through puddles.

It’s true, the SkootRider is water resistant, and can plow through water up to 4 inches deep, so don’t be afraid if you’re caught in a drizzle. One single charge will take riders up to 265 pounds on a ride with a top speed of 16 miles per hour with a 15 mile range. Charging time for the SkootRider is just 2 hours. The SkootRider also comes with auto speed and side tilt protection. With the ability to hold a rider up to 265 pounds, along with the speed, range and water resistant capability, we think that this is a great choice for those looking for a reliable method of urban transportation.

  • Water resistant and can handle a depth of 4 inches without issue
  • Can hold riders up to 265 pounds
  • A top speed of 16 miles per hour with a range of 15 miles
  • Comes with auto speed and side tilt protection features

  • Some state that the ride could be a more stable


4. Viro Free-Style – Best OneWheel 4 Young Kids

Cruising over pavement on the LTXtreme Viro, you’ll soon experience a nice rush as you street surf your way to your destination. This free-style, self-balancing hoverboard runs on dual rubber tires, carrying you with a speed of up to 7 miles per hour. A single charge of it’s lithium ion 33 volt battery gives you a travel range of 6.5 miles. You’ll like the digital monitor feature, which lets you view your battery power as well as how fast you’re traveling. As for weight capacity, it’s recommended that the lightest rider be 55 pounds, and heaviest up to 220 pounds.

If you look at the deck, you’ll notice the comfortable, anti-slip foot pads. These are designed to help give you a steady ride by providing a secure grip. The LED steering lights are a very cool feature, as they light up in the direction that you’re going. Another nice addition, is that you can connect your smartphone to the LTXtreme via Bluetooth so you can enjoy some of your most fav tunes during your ride. It should be mentioned that the LTXtreme’s low range and speed make it a good candidate any young folks in your family to ride.

  • Bluetooth connectivity so you can listen to your favorite tunes as you ride
  • Digital monitor keeps you aware of speed, distance and battery charge
  • Weight capacity of 55 to 220 pounds
  • Comfortable, anti-slip foot pads provide you with a secure grip

  • At 33 pounds, may be too heavy to carry for some users


Criteria Used For This Review

Build Quality

If you’re shopping online, it’s understandable that you may find it difficult to determine build quality, that’s why we did it for you. When looking for the best single wheel hoverboards, build quality was first and foremost. This included the quality of the motor, such as the OneWheel’s integrated Hypercore with the axle that acts as a heat sink, along with the water-resistance offered by the SkootRider Single Wheel. One final thing, these single-wheeled boards are not only long lasting, but they are very low maintenance, meaning you’ll probably never have to take them in for an overhaul or a repair.

Weight Capacity

The boards we selected had to be able to be strong enough to hold an adult. This means that the boards had to be able to hold the max weight while going up inclines as well as flat and downhill cruising.

Range and Speed

These aren’t kids toys. They are well-built and some, like the OneWheel Plus, carry a higher price tag. Therefore, we needed to choose products which would give you the best performance with the lowest charge time possible, plus provide you with a range of speeds. As you can see, the OneWheel Plus can reach a top speed of almost 19 miles per hour, with a maximum range of 18 miles, which is great for taking long rides or even commuting. The LTXtreme, on the other hand, has a top speed of just 7 miles per hour and a range of 6.5 miles, which is perfect for those who only wish to take a relaxing spin now and then, or for the younger set.

Customer Satisfaction

When buying anything online, most potential buyers scope out the reviews first–and that’s just what we did. We took a look at various sites, as well as reviewed more than our share of youtube videos on the subject. When it came down to it, the products listed above all performed rather well. In fact, they all did one important thing: They made people happy. That’s right. Outside of commenting on the performance of each of the products above, users were also quick to comment how good they felt riding these little self-balancing wonders.

Additional Features

Additional features are considered not terribly necessary, but they most certainly add to the overall experience of the ride. Features such as Bluetooth connectivity included in the LTXtreme, so you can cruise while enjoying your favorite tunes. LED is another feature, as seen with the LTXtreme and both the OneWheel Plus and Pint.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can these single wheeled skateboards go uphill?

Yes they can! All of the products listed above have the ability to handle reasonable inclines. However, the exact performance will vary depending on the speed, battery charge, and weight of the rider.

Can the OneWheel Pint or Plus handle different types of terrain?

Yes they can. In fact, so can the other single wheeled skateboards in our review. Both the SkootRider and LTXtreme can handle dirt, pavement, gravel, sand and light snow. That nice, big, rubber tire should be able to take you on any urban trip during any season of the year.

Just asking, but do they come already assembled, or will I have to put parts of it together myself?

Fair question. But rest assured that all of the products listed above do not require that you or a professional assemble it. They are plus and play, so to speak–ready to ride right out of the box!

I read above that Future Motion allows you to customize your OneWheel. What type of products are available?

  • Bumpers
  • Helmet
  • Wave Stand
  • Various styled backpacks
  • Car chargers
  • Various footpads
  • Apparel


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a method of commuting in the urban jungle, or just want to spend some valuable cruising time on your own, then these one-wheeled wonders are definitely something which requires your attention. They are durable, long-lasting, low maintenance, eco-friendly and pack a punch when it comes to just having an old-fashioned, good time.