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Official Halo Rover Hoverboard

When it comes to hover-boards, smooth flat surfaces are your friend. It´s on a smooth surface that you can reach the top speeds, execute the quickest turns and generally show off your skills. It´s an expensive investment to own a hover-board, so the other reason you´ll be looking to protect yourself, and your investment, is by opting for the least challenging terrains.

The Halo Rover takes its name from the popular video-games whilst promising an all-terrain self-balancing scooter. This isn´t the first time we´ve been promised an off-road vehicle but it is the first time that we´ve seen a product like this called indestructible. That makes me sit up and take notice. Even more so, when I find out the Halo Rover is an award winning hover-board that was made in partnership with technology giant LG. Here´s our review of 2017´s Halo Rover.

Halo Rover X Features

The first thing to mention is the invulnerability of this board. It´s been awarded a UL22772 safety certificate which is standard in today´s market. The Lithium Ion battery is designed by LG so there´s no complaints there either. Furthermore, the standing deck and wheel arches are supported by an aluminum frame. That does make it a little heavy, but you get a protective hard case to transport it in. Finally this product has an IPX4 water resistance rating. The IPX4 means it´s resistant to rain fall or splash damage.

As far as the all-terrain element is concerned, the Halo Rover X offers dual 400W motors. That means this board can carry weights of up to 256llbs without losing performance. The 8.5 inch tires are capable of riding over most bumps, or rocks in the road. The top speed is 10mph and you should get ten miles out of it on a single charge. The tires feel a little stiff which doesn´t help much with the ride but they´re large enough to move up and down curbs.

Halo Rover X Hoverboard - UL 2272 Certified
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Official Halo Rover Hoverboard


I´m impressed with the Halo Rover. It performs really well in the streets, looks sturdy plus it has some cool extra features. The whole unit, for example, can be controlled via an app. There´s large LED panels for night-riding, plus there are three separate training levels that can be increased alongside your expertise. The app can also be used to set speed limiters, or to adjust the sensitivity of the steering for children.

You can tell this is an upmarket product from how responsive it is. There´s also a lot of power. It feels like the board is never really struggling, even at the top speeds, which is a good indicator of quality. The wheels are large and robust, but I can´t see this unit performing particularly well off-road. On the pavement, it´s excellent.

According to user reviews there are one or two problems with this model. The first is that when the battery cuts out the unit stops immediately. This can lead to riders being hurled off. Although, this is undoubtedly a problem it´s standard across all hover-boards. Regularly checking the battery via the app seems a good fix. The second problem is the plastic covering on the feet deck. Although, the aluminum frame is sturdy the plastic is not. This has led to some uses reporting cracked or broken panels.

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Halo Rover User Review

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  • Good level of torque and power
  • It´s a well-made product
  • Large tires
  • The app is well designed and easy to use
  • Training modes make it suitable for children and adults

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  • A bit on the expensive side
  • The plastic outer shell has been reported to crack easily

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 Dimensions: 28″ x 8.7″ x 9.5″ inches
 Weight: 32 pounds
 Wheels type: 8.5 inches
 Frame: Aluminum Alloy
 Weight Capacity: 264 pounds
 Miles per charge: 10 miles
 Maximum Speed: 10 miles per hour
 Battery Type: Lithium Ion
 Charging Time: ???
 App Connectivity: AppStore, Google Play Store
 Additional Features: Built-in speaker, Carrying Case, Mobile App, Non-Flat tires, Fire-Safe battery,

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9.4 Total Score
Solid Off-Road Board

This product is perfect for commuting, riding in the garden or just cruising through the streets at night. It´s solid as a rock construction-wise and the engines deliver a lot of power. Unfortunately, the performance does suffer a little on testing terrain but it still performs better than most in these circumstances. The cheap plastic which cracks easily is cosmetic damage so I don´t see that being too much of a problem. You´ll also receive a two year warranty with each product that guarantees the internal parts. Overall, it´s an expensive product but still represents value for money.

Value For Money
Safety & Controls
Range & Speed
Build Qaulity
  • Very adjustable in terms of speed and steering sensitivity
  • Capable of riding on tricky terrains like gravel
  • Different training modes
  • LG provided battery
  • Award winning product
  • Reinforced aluminum frame
  • Wish the tire guards were made from a more rigid, sturdy plastic
  • When the battery cuts out it comes to a standstill, bucking the rider off
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Halo Rover X Hoverboard - UL 2272 Certified
Get $50.00 off with coupon code "ORDER50"!
Official Halo Rover Hoverboard

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