MotoTec Cali 36v Electric Pocket Bike Review

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  • Fast
  • Excellent quality parts and engineering
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Ideal starter bike
  • Quick recharge time

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Thinking about transforming your backyard into a motocross track? This drive way demon from MotoTec is designed for kids but will probably take its fair share of adult fans as well. It’s not road legal, but the performance and engineering on offer make it a lot of fun.

Designed for kids who are looking to get into motor-cross and trail riding the MotoTec Cali, looks the part, has no emissions and an impressive top speed. We took it to the nearest lot to see how it handles.


This product from MotoTec is every inch a pocket rocket. The electric bike is designed to replicate a super bike in everything except size. The first thing to mention is just how small this is. Standing at 21” high and 40” long, it looks like something you might have on your shelf rather than in your garage.

The slick tapered shell is reinforced by a sturdy steel inner frame which houses the 500W engine and its three batteries. Designed to tear up driveways and parking lots across America, the 36V, triple battery power results in a 20mph top speed and can support riders of up to 150llbs without losing performance.

The recommended age limit is 13+ which we suspect is down to the speed. The throttle shifters on the handlebars are very responsive but, when engaged, will accelerate constantly. This makes it pretty hard to control on a driveway. When turning, you really need to lean into the corners which takes some getting used to.

20mph feels very fast when your just 21” off the ground. The MotoTec pocket bike has super responsive disc-brakes fitted to the front and rear tires. The stopping distances are impressive which shows an important commitment to safety, especially if you’re investing for a younger rider.

It’s slim pickings in terms of ground clearance but the pocket bike more than makes up for it in design. The 11” pneumatic tires are firm and grippy albeit a little bumpy on the road. Filling them up is a bit of an effort, but the grip and torque you get from these tires is exceptional.

We didn’t see too much tech fitted as standard. There’s no Bluetooth speakers, flashing lights or mobile app connectivity on offer here. But these are just distractions anyway. What we do get is a heads up display to keep us updated on range, battery life and speed.

There’s a small amount of setup to get done before you take it out, but you won’t need an engineering degree to get it ready. The main issue is the 74llb weight courtesy of the steel frame which makes it pretty to tough to transport if you’re looking to take it to the trails.

Battery life and range
At the time of writing there’s no information regarding range. The three batteries are lithium based and can be hooked up directly to the wall. Wait times vary between 4 to 6 hours and we’d estimate the range to be between 15-20miles based on comparable products.

Compared to self-balancing scooters the performance of this pocket-bike make it pretty affordable. The comparison is less flattering when we’re drawing on gas-powered bikes. For some price, you can pick up a 30cc bike which have a superior distance, top speed and torque. The flipside is that you’ll have to shell out on fuel.

This zero-emissions bike is a good starter precisely because it has less power than the gas-alternatives. Taking into account the steel inner cage, triple lithium battery, pneumatic tires and disc-brakes we think its great value.

For a beginner’s bike we think it’s fair value given the frame, disc-brakes and top speed.

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Mototec 36v Electric Pocket Bike Showcase Video

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  • Top speed and performance
  • Excellent value for the engineering on offer
  • Simple setup that can be done using household tools
  • Looks cool

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  • The handling isn’t too responsive
  • Max rider weight could be better

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  Dimensions: 43″L x 15″W x 24″H
 Weight: 74 lbs
 Wheels type: 90/65-6.5 pneumatic (11″)
 Motor: 500W motor
 Age Recommendation: 12 and above
 Weight Capacity: 150 pounds
  Battery Life: 15-20 miles per charge (
 Maximum Speed: 20 MPH
 Battery Type: 36v (x3 12v batteries)
 Charging Time: 4-6 Hours
 Available Colors: Black+Pink, Black+Red, Black+White
 Additional Features: Angle adjustable handlebars, variable twist grip throttle, battery meter, solid steel frame & front and rear disc brakes.

8.6 Total Score

A high-performance electric bike which will introduce kids to riding from an early age. The disc-brakes, top speed and looks were the positives for us although a little more could have been done to deliver better handling. Supporting riders of up to 150llbs this bike will have more than its fair share of adult riders as well as kids.

Value for Money
Range / Battery Life
Top Speed
Build Quality
  • Fast
  • Excellent quality parts and engineering
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Ideal starter bike
  • Quick recharge time
  • Average max rider weight
  • Handling is a bit dull
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