Mi Electric Scooter – Full Review

Best value Mi Electric Scooter – Full Review
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  • Ergonmic Throttle Control + Cruise Control
  • Durable and Well Engineered
  • Battery Monitor
  • Fold-able Design
  • Great Top Speed, Range & Overall Design For The Price Point
  • Headlights + Taillights
  • App Available For Advanced Statistics And Ride Information

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March 19, 2020 7:35 AM
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Description and Review

The Mi Electric Scooter is impressive.

Clocking in at a 15.5 mph to speed, with and an impressive 18 mile range, you would be hard pressed to find a better performing electric scooter at this price range. Hell, If it’s good enough for the massively popular new Bird Scooter Startup as their flagship model, it’s already a pretty damned good indicator that there is something special going on here with the Mi Electric Scooter. Social proof aside, I had a chance to test drive my own Mi model scooter over the last several weeks and put it through it’s paces. Everything from short trips to the store to long range rides along the oak leaf trail near my home, The Mi Electric Scooter did not disappoint.


Mi Electric Scooter – First Impressions & Price

mi electric scooter at park

First Impressions
It’s apparent as soon as you unbox the Mi scooter that the engineering team at Xiaomi have a finely tuned eye for detail and practicality. From the sleek modern design to the clever locking mechanism while folded, it’s immediately apparent that none of the essentials were overlooked. I love the simple battery meter that is integrated into the steering column and how every mode can be accessed from the push of a single button. The braking was very responsive ( and adjustable ), it shipped with an extra set of tires and adapter for your bike pump or air compressor and small things like the added kickstand and headlights / brake lights really round out this ride and make it feel like a quality purchase.

I also took a few moments to glance over the Amazon reviews and the manufacturers response to customers with problems / issues  and complaints. It was a nice change of pace to see a manufacturer stand behind their product the way Xiaomi does on Amazon and do their best to address any issues and make the problem right for their customers. That backed with a solid product to begin with, Makes me feel a lot more comfortable spending my hard earned cash on an investment like this. The only real problem that I had after my initial test run was that the integrated bell on the steering column felt…well to be honest, fairly useless. The way the mechanism contacts the bell was inconsistent and the bell was barely audible during my first ride.

The Mi Electric Scooter is a powerhouse, easily beating out more expensive alternatives. While outsiders may initially scoff at the price tag, the reality is that despite the somewhat steep initial investment, If you have the luxury of a short range commute, the cost of commuting with an Electric Scooter pales in comparison to traditional commuter costs. To better illustrate my point here, My personal travel expenses for work alone involve a 12 mile round-trip commute everyday, which equates to just over 3,000 per year! (And that’s not including car payments). The numbers begin to get truly horrifying when you look at what traditional commuting costs really cost you VS how much money you would have saved over the span of your career by investing that money instead. In my case the that number is a mind blowing $203,871. Now keep in mind that assumes that I will never need to purchase another vehicle again. When you really start to dismantle the real world numbers of commuting with a car VS alternatives like electric scooters, skateboards, mopeds and other alternative means of transportation, that initial $xxx investment starts to look a hell of a lot more appealing!


Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter – Feature Highlights

Strong Battery Life
While the initial battery life is generous, what pushes the boundaries of the 250w motor and the on board battery even further is the built in regenerative braking and eco mode setting. If you really want to push the Mi Scooter to it’s max, you can reasonably expect about 16 mile range (under less than perfectly ideal on conditions) and a max speed of about 15 mph. Considering the price point of the Mi, It’s battery life is pretty impressive overall.

Foldable Design
While this may not be a deal breaker for everyone, the ability to collapse the scooter and easily carry it in your trunk or on board your local bus or train is a game changer. For those of use who aren’t able to complete your full commute in one fell swoop, the ability to easily transport this lightweight E-scooter between bus/train stops makes the Mi Electric Scooter even more versatile.

Smart Phone App
The available Mi Home app (see the faq section below for setup info!) allows you to record your top speeds, range and other ride statistics. While this feature is a nice novelty in and of itself, the real benefit to pairing your scooter with the Mi Home app is the ability to enable cruise control to make long range rides more comfortable.

Award Winning Design
The Mi Electric Scooter was honored with the “Good Design Award” in 2017, RedDot award in 2017 and the “Design Award” in 2017 as well. So don’t just take my word for it, I’m not the only one brandishing praise for their design and feature set!

Other Note-Worth Features
Among the Mi’s staple features, you’ll also find a number of quality of life inclusions such as headlight and brake lights for safer evening rides, a kick stand, eco mode, dual disc brakes and more. I for one think it’s a refreshing change to see a manufacturer focus on more than just the basics at this price point. From the scooters sidekick mobile app to its eco mode option, the Mi’s core features and extras have been thoughtfully implemented and carefully designed. Again, my only real beef at this point is the sub-par design of the built-in bell. While definitely not a deal breaker, it’s ashame to see every other aspect of the design come together so well and then see such a basic feature fall short. That said, If that is the only feature I have a problem with by the end of this review, I still think it’s an absolutely great buy.


Mi Electric Scooter – Handling & Ergonomics

The Mi electric scooter handled great under a range of different circumstances. The narrow width handlebars make weaving in and out of tight spaces a breeze and the large platform allows you to comfortably place your feet in number of different positions, based on rider preference. The Mi handles great on sidewalks and city streets, but because there are no shock absorbers built-in, you will feel every bump when you start taking it off-road. The throttle offers little resistance, which means you won’t strain your thumb while riding long distances. If a seated ride is more you’re speed, you’ll be happy to know that there are after market options for a seat attachment for the Mi as well. Personally i was perfectly comfortable standing while riding, it was a nice change of pace coming home from a job where I sit all day anyways.

While the built in-app is a great addition to the Mi scooter, I didn’t trust myself holding it while riding. If you really want to take advantage of all the extra perks the app offers ( real time ride stats, battery life, cruise control, etc) I would recommend looking into a quality phone mount that will be able to safely cradle your phone while riding over difficult terrain.


Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter – Summary

Xiaomi absolutely nailed it with their Mi Electric Scooter. All of the bells and whistles you would expect from a truly high-end purchase delivered in a sleek and affordable package. At around $500.00, The Mi electric scooter delivers unparalleled range, top speed and build quality compared to its closest competitors in nearly every category. I really enjoyed my time with the scooter and would highly recommend it to any friends or family if they are looking to buy their first adult electric scooter.


Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter – Video Review


 Weight: 26.9 pounds ( that is super light! )
 Wheels type: All-weather pneumatic tubeless tires
 Weight Capacity: 220 pounds
 Motor: 250W motor
 Miles per charge: 18.6 Miles
 Maximum Speed: 15.5 mph
 Battery Type: Lithium Ion
 Charging Time: 5 hours
 Additional Features: On-board charger, Aerospace-grade aluminum frame, Regenerative braking, Onboard Battery Meter, Fold-able & Adjustable, Kickstand, Headlights & Tail-lights, Front & Rear Braking System, Bell, Ride Statistics App Available


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Connect The Mi Scooter To My SmartPhone?

  1. Download the Mi Home smartphone app from either the Google Play or Apple Store
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your phone.
  3. When the install is complete, open the application and click on the ” + ” In the top right hand corner.
  4. Select the “Mija Electric Scooter” to begin pairing your phone with your Mi Electric Scooter.

I've Charged The Scooter, But When I Press The Throttle Nothing Happens...

Not to worry!

The Mijia Electric Scooter is designed to only engage the electric motor when both feet are placed on the scooters platform. If you kick off and gain a bit of momentum first, you should now be able to press the throttle lever and engage the electric motors.

Is This Scooter Designed To Allow The Wheels To Spin Freely When The Motor Is Disengaged?


While some cheaper model scooters on the market will lock the wheels in place when the motor is not driving them, the Mijia electric scooter will allow you to ride the scooter as a normal kick scooter should you run out of battery before reaching your destination.

The Mijia Electric Scooter is designed to only engage the electric motor when both feet are placed on the scooters platform. If you kick off

What's All Covered Under Warranty?

Here is an excerpt from the owners manual (Section 11) that details warranty information:

Name Parts Covered Warranty Length
Main Unit The Body of the vehicle, engine controller, steering wheel, control panel, rear hub, brakes, folding stem, fork, system bus control, brake cable 1 Year
Accessories Battery, power supply, brake Lever, switching gears 6 Months
Misc Exterior Parts Headlight, control panel, tires, wheels camera, mud guards, charging port, socket cap charge, decorative cover, base 3 Months

What Can I Do To Extend Battery Life?

According to the Mijia owners manual, Here are the best tips to prolong the life of your battery:

  • After each use, charge the battery to full
  • Do not store the scooter in extremely warm or cold areas
  • Avoid a full discharge of the device whenever possible

What's The Difference Between Normal + Energy Saving Mode?

The main difference between energy saving mode and normal operation is that your speed is throttled from 15.5 mph to 11 mph and speed transitions occur more gradually. Essentially you are sacrificing performance for an extended battery life / range when riding.

The Mi Electric Scooter is equipped with an awesome battery display with x4 LED lights that allow you to change between modes and turn on/off your headlight.

Each mode is accessed via unique power button combination, which you can find below.

  • Power On: Quick press the power button
  • Power Off: Long press the power button
  • Turn on Headlights: Short press of the power button after scooter is powered on.
  • Enable Energy Saving Mode: quickly double press the power button once the scooter is powered on.

How Do I Lock The Scooter In The Foldable Position?

As clever as the design is to lock the scooter in place, I’ll admit I had to look in the owners manual to figure this one out.

  1. First, make sure that the scooter is turned off
  2. Disengage the lock lever that holds the steering column upright
  3. Connect the Loop from the Bell on the steering column to the hook that is located on the top of the rear wheel guard.

Mijia Electric Scooter - Locked Into Folded Position

Did I Miss Anything?

If you still have questions, please let me know in the comments!

Alternatively, The Mijia Electric Scooter owners manual is a great resource for more information.

9.5 Total Score
Amazing Value E-Scooter!

9.6Expert Score
Build Qaulity
Top Speed
Value For Money
9.4User's score
Build Qaulity
Top Speed
Value For Money
  • Ergonmic Throttle Control + Cruise Control
  • Durable and Well Engineered
  • Battery Monitor
  • Fold-able Design
  • Great Top Speed, Range & Overall Design For The Price Point
  • Headlights + Taillights
  • App Available For Advanced Statistics And Ride Information
  • Poor bell design
  • Push to start function is a tad un-intuitive at first
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Full Disclaimer: Xiomi was kind enough to ship me a Mi Electric Scooter to review in person over the course of several weeks. My review remains unbiased and TE does not (and never will) accept bribes, free gear or other perks in exchange for favorable reviews. A Huge thanks to Julia over at Global Technology for sending me a unit to test and review!

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Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter, 18.6 Miles Long-range Battery, Up to 15.5 MPH, Easy Fold-n-Carry Design, Ultra-Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter (US Version with Warranty), Xiaomi Technology Inc.

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  1. 4.7
    Build Qaulity
    Top Speed
    Value For Money

    I like the scooter overall. It has a great design

    + PROS: Very sleek design,does not have a bulky make to it. Power button is pretty fancy. Still goes fast even though im 190 pounds i wasnt expecting that. Its also good over bumps which is very helpful on the city roads. Doesnt weigh too much so carrying it isnt to bad either
    - CONS: Could use a little more stance room. And the stem to the handle bars could be tighter
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  3. When I was reading on the size of batteries , it was made to sound like the 250w batteries weren’t strong enough for an adult to ride. I was just wondering if this was true.

  4. Are parts easy to get for repairs? I have a hover 1 and no customer service at all. Got flat tire and not able to get repair parts.

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