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  • It offers great range at a safe speed limit.
  • It has an LED display on the side for convenience if you happen to leave you phone behind.
  • Quick charge availability gets more time on the road.
  • Twin wheel provides great support and ease of mastery.
  • Strong frame, shell, and cover means this model will last a long time with proper care.

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May 23, 2018 8:11 PM
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Description and Review

This model has been discontinued. Check out their newest model, or compare the most popular models of 2018 in our Electric Unicycle Review!

For thrilling ride and convenient way to go around from point A to point B, you will love the InMotion Mohawk V3. It comes with great self-balancing technology allowing you to master this ride much easier – going to work has never been more efficient and free. InMotion has created its smaller, more compact version of its hi-tech electric unicycles. It designed a light use urban unicycle for riding on the streets, around the block, going to work and over any sidewalk or paved roads. The InMotion Mohawk V3 features a sleek futuristic design that looks like it was a wheel from a Star Wars Movie.


The full use of the V3 was completely designed to take you on the streets in an all-around frequent urban use. The battery was compressed and was given a quick charge feature that only allows you to charge the battery full for less than two hours– an hour and a half to be precise. But with a small battery, it is quite surprising that it can take you at most 30 miles on one charge.

The battery and power of this unit is actually the best feature. Even if it is 450 Watt motor, it goes a long way. The speed is set lower for safety measures cruising at a maximum speed of only 11 miles per hour. This makes a great ride for middle-aged adults who find walking to be a slow and tedious way of going to work and riding a car to be much more challenging due to a constant heavy traffic.

The design of InMotion Mohawk V3 follows a simple modern concept—ease of use and control. Although it was meant to be a self-balancing unicycle, you may not be able to find it to be true. It is easier to control and manage this unit because it comes with two wheels promoting better balance; the fact that you still need to master how to use it does not actually meet the concept of self-balance. In fact, the speed limit and long battery life allow you to practice on it more at a safer condition of lessened motor power – making it much easier for beginners to use and master.

This unicycle comes with a promising built-in speaker. It is pretty powerful booming even your ballad songs at a pretty loud yet smooth acoustics. What’s great is that you can adjust the settings of the speakers using the app. The body has great leather protective pad, anti-scratch properties and waterproof shell that can really withstand a terrible weather.

One plus factor that we love is that this is not completely dependent on the phone app because you can control the settings of the unit and your boom box on the LED screen display on the side. You can also disable the display so that you won’t accidentally change the settings with your legs rubbing on the sides as you ride. It’s super convenient really.

You do get a good value for your money with InMotion Mohawk V3. Even if it was designed for the flat cemented road, it can still handle a bit of off-road excitement. The dual wheels allow you to ride on rougher terrains like gravelly soil and slightly muddy areas.

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Small, compact and made for paved travel but it sure can go off roads too. It has great mileage despite a smaller motor capacity. Even for a low-speed, it still goes a distance in decent speed limitations and dual wheels for added stability – it allows safe-conscious riders to feel safer and more secure. With a small size and compact design, it is pretty easy to travel around. Design and material are superb since its build uses materials that are anti-scratch and completely waterproof. It also comes with a touchscreen LED display in case you forgot your phone. Overall, it is a small unicycle that is totally worth the money and time spent in mastering how to ride it.

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A small motor can only go as fast as an Olympic runner but not enough to actually go faster to where you’d like to go. Speed lovers won’t find this entertaining at all. Because it is made for paved roads and flat grounds, this isn’t the right companion for a camping trip in the mountains, though it can go a little bit on off roads. The self-balance feature is a misnomer since you still have to practice how to really keep it steady. Although it is much easier to balance because of the dual wheels, the ‘self-balance’ should not have been used in the first place.

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 Dimensions: 16.5 x 20.3 x 7 inches
 Weight: 30 pounds
 Wheels type: 14″ Rubber Tires
 Frame: Aluminum Alloy
 Age Recommendation: 14 and above
 Weight Capacity: 120 pounds
 Motor: 450 W motor
 Miles per charge: 25 miles
 Maximum Speed:11 miles per hour
 Battery Type: Lithium Ion
 Charging Time: 1.5 Hours
 Bluetooth Functionality: Built-In Speakers
 App Connectivity: AppStore, Google Play Store
 Additional Features: Built-in speaker, retractable handlebar, front headlights, LED screen display, leather cover, twin wheels

8.9 Total Score

You get the best with a small and compact unicycle that provides ease of mastery and great mileage. With a quick recharge feature, you can enjoy your ride frequently with the Mohawk V3. For an added advantage, you can ride the streets with ease even under terrible weather conditions as well as mild to moderate rough patches off road. You are guaranteed an awesome ride with great distance and a safe speed limit that is well worth the price tag.

Speed & Range
Design & Ergonomics
Build Quality & Maintenance
Value For Money
Available Features
  • It offers great range at a safe speed limit.
  • It has an LED display on the side for convenience if you happen to leave you phone behind.
  • Quick charge availability gets more time on the road.
  • Twin wheel provides great support and ease of mastery.
  • Strong frame, shell, and cover means this model will last a long time with proper care.
  • It is only built to be used on the road and the backyard.
  • Low speed limit means a slower travel time.
  • Small motor cannot handle long distance with your music put on loud.
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