How Much Does A Hoverboard Cost?

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Trying to find a good deal on a hoverboard?

Knowing the hoverboard price range is a great place to start. Typically hoverboards (also known as self balancing scooters) will start at around $180 dollars for an entry level model, While some of the very best hoverboard models could set you back upwards of $599 dollars.

Here’s some live pricing data from a few of our favorite hoverboard models to help you get started…

2018 Hoverboard Prices For 10 Popular Models


Looking To Buy A Real Hoverboard?

While it’s certainly exciting to peer over the horizon at what is possible, the reality is that unless you have some fairly deep pockets (or an engineering degree) you probably won’t be riding one of these bad boys anytime soon. Like all new technologies, the first iterations will cost a small fortune and suffer from limited range and performance until the technology improves and production costs can be reduced.While there are several companies working on their own vision for a proper hoverboard, they are still several years away from creating something reasonably priced for the average consumer.

Here’s a quick look at a few of our favorite REAL hoverboard projects right now:

Zapata Flyboard Air

Zapata got it’s start by creating a number of water powered boots, jetpacks and hoverboards for use with a jetski engine. Recently they have started working on the Flyboard Air, which uses jet propulsion to create the worlds first jet powered hoverboard! While I’m not aware of any plans for consumer prototypes, The Zapata air product line seems to be targeted towards military applications and first responders at the moment.

Current Price: n/a


Hendo Hoverboard

If you’ve been following the company for awhile, you may remember Tony Hawk riding the Hendo v 1.0 last year. While the technology and the design is damned impressive, the Hendo board feels more like a proof of concept for the technology than a stand alone application. The Hendo hoverboard requires special, conductive flooring to operate and seems to have very limited applications for consumers. That said, the one thing that I really like about Hendo, is that they offer backs the ability get their “WhiteBox” technology so consumers can start to experiment with the technology on their own.

Current Price: According to Hendo’s Kickstarter page, Any pledge over $10,000 will get you a Hendo Hoverboard.


Omni Hoverboard

The Canadian based developers have set the Guinness World Record for the farthest flight by hoverboard with their propellor powered hoverboard. While they currently do not have any consumer models available, they are working on a prototype and you can sign up for their newsletter to be notified of project updates @

Current Price: n/a


Lexus Hoverboard

I think Lexus absolutely nailed the aesthetics and functionality of what we all had envisioned a REAL, genuine hoverboard would look and feel like. That said… It’s all fairly deceptive. The hoverboard operates by using dried ice and a superconductor track to achieve it’s levitating effect. Which means that the entire skate park in the video was custom built to work with this technology. The technology isn’t anything new and as far as I’m aware this was all just a publicity stunt to capitalize on the growing popularity of Self balancing scooters.

Current Price: n/a



I’m not sure how I feel about the Arcaboard…. While it is certianly more versatile than the Lexus and Hendo boards, The over the top media footage makes it look like you are just kind of floating around with little to no control over where you are going. It just can’t see any practical use for this product, especially with it’s $15k price tag!

Current Price: $14,900 – You can actually order one right now on their website @


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