Hoverboard 360 Review

Hoverboard 360 Review
3.4 Total Score
  • Colors
  • Different sizes are available

This model has been discontinued. Check out our hoverboard review article for more options!

Some products just make you say, wow….

This is not one of those products.

The hover-board 360 is marred by a questionable manufacture, poor customer service and a boring product. They even managed to ruin Christmas. We always try to bring you balanced reviews of the best electric scooters on the market. To highlight the benefits of cheaper models as well as the flaws of the more expensive ones. But today we´re covering our first hall of shamer: the Hoverboard 360.


When it comes to the features of this board there´s not much to complain about. It comes with 6.5 inch wheels, rides at a top speed of 12mph and runs for 12 miles. You can spend a bit more and get larger 8 or 10 inch wheels to improve ground clearance. I like these kind of options and I´d like to see them offered by more brands. Add to that a range of exciting colors, designs and LEDs and you´d be forgiven for thinking this would make a great Christmas present.

When I researched this product I quickly ran into a problem. There´s no detailed information on independent sites, about the specifications. This set the alarm bells ringing. My fears were confirmed when I visited the official page, it was suspended. Based on the performance it claims to have, I would guess it uses dual 350W engines with mobile connectivity to set learning modes. You´d assume, there´s a motherboard to help distribute the power to the wheels as well.

The problem is none of this really matters because the product itself barely works. A quick check of their facebook page, which still exists, confirms it. I don´t know how they managed to garner 10k likes because every comment, on every photo, is angry customers asking for refunds. Based on these comments, this product has a lifespan of between 0 and 30 days with an emphasis on the 0. The manufacture is consistently faulty plus there´s no UL22772 certificate. Essentially, that means if you´re lucky it won´t work. If you´re unlucky, it will explode.

The customer service number traps you in a cycle of never ending spirals. You dial the number which is answered by an automated response: “higher call volume than usual”. This could be legit given how many angry customers are trying to get in contact with them. After waiting on the hold, the automated response comes back to tell you there´s no one available to take your call, the mailbox is full and to try again later. And that´s it. You´re cut off. The only option is to head over to the Facebook page and leave a comment on one of the numerous marketing posts as thousands of angry customers have done.

Just when you thought things couldn´t get any worse for this brand, you look at the dates of their consumer reviews. Most of them are from Christmas 2016. What seems to of happened is that the supply chain broke down. Rather than admitting they had sold out, as any respectable company would do, hoverboard 360 kept taking orders. They couldn´t keep up with demand so, when the credit card refunds started to pile in, alongside refund fines, the company promptly went bankrupt.

Their legacy?

A host of empty christmas stockings, furious customers and a crappy product. Needless to say, if you value your sanity, avoid this product at all costs.

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Hoverboard 360 Promotional Video

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  • There´s no two ways about it, the color schemes are great. Each one is unique using bright, original street art.
  • The opportunity to choose wheel size. This means you can choose your product based on the type of surfaces you´ll be riding on. Larger wheels for tougher surfaces, smaller wheels for indoor riding or smooth sidewalk cruising. Of course, there´s the obvious problem of performance suffering given larger wheels need larger engines. But hoverboard 360 clearly don´t let those kind of details stop them.

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  • There´s no specs on engine sizes, motherboards, app interfaces, product guarantees etc. We´re just told it can go x speed for x distance with no facts to back it up.
  • The customer service line, awful confirmed customer reviews, bankruptcy, suspended websites and an awful Facebook page.
  • They ruined Christmas.

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Hoverboard 360 Specifications

 Wheels type: 6.5″, 8.0″ or 10.0″
 Motor: Dual 350w motors (unconfirmed)
 Miles per charge: 12 miles
 Maximum Speed: 12 miles per hour
 Additional Features: Several color & design options, LEDs, x3 different wheel offers

3.4 Total Score

If you´ve read so far and are still thinking about buying this product you should get your head examined first. The hover-board 360 is nothing more than a scam. A company that takes no responsibility for its actions and has consequently gone bankrupt.

Value For Money
Safety & Controls
Range & Speed
Build Qaulity
  • Colors
  • Different sizes are available
  • Customer service
  • Scam product
  • Failure to deliver
  • Supply chain problems
  • Just about everything
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