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GoTrax Glider Electric Scooter Review

The resurgence of kick-scooters in the mid-nineties was short lived. They were moderately successful until everyone realised you’d never develop the kind of skills you saw in the adverts. The major brands folded and scooters became confined to playgrounds or school runs. Like most people, you’ve never pictured your adult-life with a scooter. That’s about to change.

The Glider is an innovative transporter designed and produced by 2017’s Denver-based start-up, Gotrax. When they’re not rock climbing, or white water rafting, the GoTrax team is busy engineering effective transport solutions for the modern commuter.

They’ve come up with one of the cleanest looking electric scooters we’ve seen this year.


Looking at the Glider is like looking at a regular kick scooter. It’s a self-contained unit that weighs just 17llbs. There are no loose wires, clunky battery cases or silly looking decals. The only giveaway is in the tires which are thicker than a regular scooter with a roadworthy tread.

To carry this around you simply have to fold handlebars down toward the back wheel and pack it in your rucksack or under your arm. It’s only when you start pushing this scooter that you realise there’s more to it than meets the eye. Hidden inside the main handlebar stem is a 250W motor powered by a lithium ion battery. Using a gear shaft mechanism the power is delivered to the wheels providing a top ranking amount of torque.

Once you’ve engaged the engine it will take a 256llb rider up to a brisk 17mph. A single charge will take you 9 miles but you can extend that battery life by doing some pushing of your own. That’s what makes this a viable commuter vehicle. Without the engine, it’s light enough to operate manually or carry.

GOTRAX Glider Electric Scooter
GOTRAX Glider Electric Scooter
Engineered to be a fun and versatile mode of transportation for kids and adults, the GLIDER features an ultra-fast fold-and-release system, making it a cinch to fold for storage, commuting or traveling.


The folding mechanism means you can take it on a bus or train with no problems. Once you arrive at work, simply plug it into a wall for 2-3 hours and you’re ready for the trip home. They’ve even included rear mudguards so you won’t destroy your clothes en route.

You don’t have to be an expert to navigate busy streets on the Glider because the adjustable handles offer a simple control system without requiring expert balance.

The brakes can be accessed from two locations: one on the handlebars, the other by your back foot. If you do run into trouble, it’s easy to jump off because the handle-bars naturally center your balance.

The throttle fits snugly under your thumb when your hands are in place. It’s an exceptionally easy craft to get the hang of and you’ll be gliding at the top speeds in no-time at all.

At night, the LED display is lit up giving you a range of info on your speed and mileage. There are also front and rear lights to improve your visibility. Overall, we were very impressed with this scooter as a legitimate commuting device for inner-city workers.

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  • The self contained design is both attractive and functional
  • Good mileage with an impressive top speed and torque
  • Foldable design makes it easy to carry around with you
  • Light enough to be used like a normal scooter
  • The controls are intuitive which makes it easy to get to grips with whilst the handlebars make balancing simple
  • A legitimate vehicle for ‘last mile’ commutes

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  • The tires are a bit firm which will make rough surfaces a no go
  • A larger engine would take this to the next level

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 Weight: 17.1 pounds
 Weight Capacity: 264 pounds
 Motor: 250w motor
 Miles per charge: 9 miles
 Maximum Speed: 17 mph
 Battery Type: Lithium Ion
 Charging Time: 2-3 Hours
 Additional Features: LED headlight, Quick folding, made in the US, backlit LED display, comes in 3 colors (pink,black,red)

8.8 Total Score
Very Well Rounded, Affordable Electric Scooter

The Gotrax Glider is aimed at both kids and adults. We’d love to see a model that was made specifically for commuters because this version has all the right attributes. The aesthetics are mature enough to take this into the office with you whilst its light-weight, foldable design makes it extremely portable. A top product in our view.

Safety & Controls
Range & Speed
Build Qaulity
Value For Money
  • Light weight and Portable
  • Good distance and speed
  • Won’t look out of place on an adult
  • US-based company
  • Viable commuting solution
  • Needs a little more power to take it to the next level
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