6 Best Electric Scooters For Adults in 2019

Adult Riding Electric Scooter At The Pier

Today, electric scooter companies are in operation in over 65 cities, nationwide. Why this sudden interest in the electric scooter? The answer is quite simple. The electric scooter provides an inexpensive, hassle free way to get around without breaking a sweat. Companies such as Lime, Skip, Scoot, Bird or Spin are more than happy to rent you one of their scooters for a quick trip across town. In fact, these companies are gaining so much ground that Bird is already worth over $2 billion dollars. The Bottom Line?

The electric scooter is here to stay.

Now more than ever, The electric scooter is quickly becoming a more convenient, eco-friendly way for adults to slash costs on their commute. So whether you aor just looking for a fun new toy to help you get around town, We’ve got you covered.

Adult Electric Scooters Comparison

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Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter Review

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Model Range Top Speed Max Weight Our Score
Mercane WideWheel 15 miles 25 mph 220 lbs 9.4 Check Price
Mi Electric Scooter 18 .6miles 15.5 mph 220 lbs 9.0 Check Price
Tomoloo L1 18.6 miles 15.5 mph 220 lbs 7.9 Check Price
GoTrax GXL 12 Miles 15 mph 220 lbs 8.1 Check Price
Glion Dolly 15 miles 15 mph 220 lbs 8.7 Check Price
Razor Ecosmart Metro 12 miles 18 mph 220 lbs 8.2 Check Price


1. Mercane WideWheel – The Cadillac of Scooters

1000w Mercane WideWheel Electric Scooter

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Tired of purchasing a cheap, knock off scooter that can’t handle what you demand of it? Then prepare yourself for the Mercane WideWheel. In 2018, Indiegogo hosted a new type of electric scooter, one with ultra-wide, airless tires, front and rear swing arm suspension, and an aerodynamic design. With a frame that has undergone an aluminum alloy die cast, this foldable, lightweight and durable electric scooter definitely does not compromise on quality. Its dual 500 watt hub motors deliver 1000 watts of power, providing you with a top speed of 25 miles per hour for a cruising range of up to 20 miles per single charge. All of this makes the WideWheel the perfect choice for those of you looking for a commuter scooter. Easy to transport with a weight capacity of 220 pounds, the handlebars fold inward, making it an excellent choice for a last mile commuter vehicle.

  • Superior range, acceleration and speed
  • Smooth, stable ride with a low learning curve
  • Ultra-wide, tubeless tires
  • Durable aluminum frame easily handles a weight capacity of up to 220 pounds

  • At 37.9 pounds, It’s not the most portable option


2. Mi Electric Scooter – Best All-Around Scooter

mi electric scooter at park

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Just how well do people like the Mi Electric Scooter? Well, for starters it won the “Best of the Best” Reddot Award in 2017, and the IF Design Award in 2017. If that’s not enough for you to give this stunner a second look, then stick around and we’ll go through the ins and outs of this celebrated e-scooter. First of all, the overall frame design incorporates the use of aerospace-grade aluminum, making it weigh in at just 26.9 pounds. Aerospace-grade aluminum is known for its uncommon strength and durability and low density, and can easily transport an adult with a weight of up to 220 pounds. This rust resistant aluminum frame makes it the perfect choice for the commuter whose searching for a portable, personal transport vehicle to help them go that last mile.

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Power is supplied by a 250 watt, brushless DC motor located in the front wheel, driven by 30 LG 18650 Lithium battery cells, positioned under the deck. You’ll find that the acceleration is not quirky, but controlled and even, and able to reach a top speed of 15.5 mph. Simply push the accelerator down and manipulate the pressure until you reach a speed which works for you. Excellent handling and control are guaranteed by the slip resistant handles which provide you with a comfortable grip, essential for longer commutes.

By glancing down at the top of your handle bar, you’ll notice an indicator light which alerts you to how much battery power you’ve left. There is also a single press power button control to turn your scooter on, and a longer press to turn it off. This button also controls your ultra bright 1.1 watt headlight, and normal/power saving modes. These headlights give you a good 6 meters of visibility in darkened conditions, and the red tail light will tell those behind you when you are braking by flashing.

Mi’s design team did not fool around when it comes to giving you a comfortable ride. This model features large, 8.5 inch, air filled tires, complete with a non-slip tread design, which means they’ll provide you with not only top notch shock absorption, but also a better grip on the pavement. As for your range, you get up to 18.6 miles of travel distance on one single charge. The dual braking system of this bike consists of a disc brakes along with eABS regenerative anti-lock system. Tests confirmed you’ll experience a responsive braking distance of 13.1 feet, and just in case you need to warn unsuspecting pedestrians of your presence you have a nifty, little manual bell to ding.

For added security, you’re batteries are provided short circuit and overcurrent protection, double protection from overcharge and overdischarge, are temperature resistant and have undervoltage, auto sleep protection. To ensure that your battery life is extended, designers have implemented regenerative braking. This means that as you ride, your Mi takes the kinetic energy derived from acceleration, and converts it to electrical power. The intuitive, easy to use app takes your ride to a new level of comfort and security. Once you’re Mi kickstart e-scooter is paired via Bluetooth, you can use your smartphone to check up on your speed, battery life, mileage history, or put you scooter in cruise control.

  • Quick and with a range of 18.6 miles
  • Neatly folds down for easy storage
  • Dual braking system, regenerative to increase battery life
  • Intuitive app for smartphone control

  • The bell mechanism could function better


3. Tomoloo L1 – Great Midrange Scooter

Ride the streets in style with the Tomoloo L1 Electric Scooter. This state-of-the-art electric scooter provides you with the comfort of an ergonomically designed frame manufactured from high quality, aircraft-grade aluminum. Driven by a 250 watt temperature resistant, magnetic steel brushless motor, you’ll reach a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour with the ability to cruise for a range of maximum 18.6 miles. At just 28.4 pounds, this beauty folds easily and quickly for storage or transport, which makes it a good choice for those looking for a high quality commuter scooter, or last mile solution. As for braking, that’s provided by a disc brake, eABS regenerative anti-lock system. Features include a weight capacity of 220 pounds, bright LED headlight, bottom atmosphere lights, Bluetooth connectivity, and an enlarged, LED display panel which displays your gear, speed, and battery status. As if this were not enough, your purchase also comes with a user-friendly mobile app. This app allows you to alter the color of your atmospheric lights, and performance stats.

  • Good, affordable commuter scooter with mobile app and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Crafted from tough, aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Top speed of 15.5 miles per hour, with a range of 18.6 miles
  • Beautiful, bottom atmospheric lighting

  • Charging time of 3 to 5 hours is a tad long


4. GOTRAX GXL – Cheapest Electric Scooter

Looking for some true, ‘Plug and Play’ fun? Then take a page out of the book of some of the fans of this hot, high performance GoTrax GXL electric scooter, and make your daily commute or errand runs run fast, easy and hassle free. Just plug your GXL in for around 4 hours and you’re ready to play. The GXL comes to you pretty much assembled and fully charged, all you need is to quickly screw in the handlebars, which takes under 5 minutes for most owners. Your entire purchase comes complete with the scooter, handle bars, allen key, battery charger with indicator light, and a convenient air hose for tires. Owners also comment on the quick speed which their GXL was delivered.

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The unisex,Gotrax GXL is built to commute. It boasts a powerful, 250 watt engine powered by a 36 volt battery, which aims to move you on your way with a top speed of 15 mph. With the Gotrax GXL, you’ve no need to use your car or truck to make a run to the grocery to grab a quick bite, simply don your backpack, and hop on your GXL, and you’re on your way. Add to that, the Gotrax GXL has a total riding range of 12 miles on one battery charge, you’ll be able to plot and plan your routes to your destination with ease, never having to be concerned as to whether you’ll have enough power to get you there. The GXL sports a rather simplistic, sleek and efficient form, designed to cut down on wind resistance while being easy to handle, as you navigate down walkways.

As for build, the GXL electric scooter has been manufactured with a reinforced “X” frame which can support adult riders up to 220 pounds, and steeped in features to make your ride enjoyable and hassle free. The designers integrated the easy to read display into the handle bars. This means you have direct access to crucial information such as your Lithium Ion battery life, speed, gear, and LED headlight controls, right at your fingertips.

So far, we’ve seen that the overall build and convenience of the integrated display make the GXL one of the toughest, quickest and convenient e-scooters on the market today. Feel like hitting the beach for a late night swim? Well, the bright, LED headlight will make sure you get there just in time to enjoy that moonlight swim with friends. The GXL is designed to be waterproof, so no fears of engine shutdown in case it starts to drizzle, or you hit a few puddles along the way. As for braking power, you get both handle bar braking which takes care of the front, and rear wheel, disc brakes, which you control with a quick tap of your heel on the back foot pedal.

Cruise without concern over bumps, cracks and curves with the 8.5 inch, pneumatic tires and enjoy 12 miles of e-scooter fun, with recharge time a sweet 4 hours. The Gotrax GXL is UL2271 certified, which means you can depend on the Lithium Ion battery to give you a sound and reliable ride. Portable and easy to store, simply fold it down and lock it in place.

As for the ride itself, that the GXL delivers as promised. When you hop on, you’ll find that the deck is solid and sturdy, minus unwanted give or flexibility. Flip your Gotrax on by tapping the red button, the black handlebar trigger gets you off and running, and the red handle bar trigger works the brake for the front wheel. Besides the front LED headlight, which allows people to see you coming, there’s also a reflector on the back fender, and two white reflectors on the back of the deck.

In general operating this e-scooter is quite easy. As it’s a ‘kick scooter’, just give yourself a few, swift quick kicks to get you in motion, then hold down the black trigger. This model comes with 2 gears. Ride at a nice, comfortable cruise up to 10 mph in first gear, then switch it up to second to reach top speeds of 15 mph, with some users claiming they can actually hit over 17 mph. While it’s definitely designed for pavement, riders have taken it through some grassy park areas and dirt paths and claim that it works well on those surfaces, but it’s still a good idea to stick with the pavement with this model.

  • Strong X frame holds adult riders up to 220 pounds
  • Fast e-scooter with top speeds of 15 mph
  • Solid, rubber pneumatic tires with anti-slip treads, absorb shocks extremely well
  • Easy to assemble, and arrives fully charged
  • Braking system incorporates regenerative anti-lock, disc braking

  • Though portable, it’s still a bit heavy at 30 pounds
  • Some users may find the back pedal disc brake awkward to use at first

5. Glion-Dolly Foldable Electric ScooterGlion Foldable Electric Scooter

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Are you looking for that one, perfect last mile solution? A reliable, portable method of personal transport that can get you where you want to go with a minimum of hassle and maximum level of comfort and affordability? If this describes you, the the Glion-Dolly Foldable Electric Scooter may be the answer to your needs. This e-scooter weighs in at 27.3 pounds, reaches a top speed of 15 miles per hour, and has a maximum range of 15 miles on a single charge. The Glion-Dolly’s frame is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, has a max weight capacity of 250 pounds, and a very fast, responsive folding mechanism. Another sweet benefit is that it’s been designed to be folded and pulled like a suitcase, plus it can stand on its own, which makes for ease of storage. Powered by a 250 watt, brushless motor, driven by a battery which takes up to 3.25 hours to charge with a range of up to 15 miles. Other features include a bright headlight, tail reflector, kick stand, 8 inch wheels with honeycomb interior, wide fenders which prevent water from splashing up during your ride.

  • Lightweight at 27.3 pounds can be folded quickly and pulled like a suitcase
  • 8 inch wheels with military grade honeycomb interior to absorb bumps
  • Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds

  • Lacks any form of suspension


6. Razor Ecosmart Metro – Ideal For Short Trips

Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter
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An electric scooter that has a simple yet appealing design. The Razor Ecosmart Metro scooter is great for short trips to the local park or running errands. Its design will be easy for people to pick up plus the top speed of 18mph is impressive. The lead acid battery tends to be the products biggest downfall, but that’s one of the reasons the price point is so reasonable. With this scooter, spending less doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. All the parts feel sturdy and well-made whilst Razor is an established brand with a helpful customer support team.

  • The design is attractive with the opportunity to add custom extras
  • A top speed of 18mph with a easy to learn riding style
  • Large 18” air-filled tires add a bit of comfort whilst ensuring you’ll have no problem with curbs or speed bumps
  • The product feels well-built with easy to follow instructions for getting set-up
  • It’s very light-weight which makes the ride feel quick and nimble
  • The price is affordable for most budgets

  • The battery takes a long time to charge



Criteria Used for this Evaluation

When it came to putting this list together we began our shortlist based on top-selling brands as well as smaller brands that had produced highly rated products. Where possible we´ve referenced independent consumer review sites and poured through real user reviews from confirmed purchases.

In order to help decide what buyers would want in an electric scooter we conducted extensive research into the types of engines, batteries, durability and braking systems. These aspects became the core criteria for our electric scooter evaluation. In addition to the core criteria, we also assessed price, looks and portability with added points for unique, or useful features.

Electric Engines

There are three types of electric engine found on electric scooters. Each type has its own positives and drawbacks. Choosing the right engine is important because it directly influences the speed, torque and efficiency of your electric scooter. Below we´ll cover each engine type in depth to help you choose the right electric scooter.

Chain driven engine

Chain driven engines are by far the most common engine for electric scooters. The engine is similar to a bicycle in that there is large gear, the Pinion, and a smaller gear, the Sprocket. These are linked together by a continuous metal chain. The battery turns the Pinion which sets the chain in motion turning the Sprocket.

Chain driven engines are typically sturdy and long-lasting. They also provide an efficient level of power. The only drawbacks to a chain-driven engine is the weight of the chain as well as surging. Surging results in speed variations and makes it difficult for the scooter to maintain a consistent steady mph.

Chainless DC Hub Motor

The Glion Dolly electric scooter uses a chainless DC Hub motor rather than a chain driven engine. The real advantage of using a chainless engine is that it´s compact. Sending energy through a drive shaft rather than through a chain. Chainless engines are more efficient plus they won´t suffer from surging in the way a traditional chain driven engine will.

Chainless motors are becoming increasingly common in electric bikes and scooters. One of the reasons for that is that power can be transferred in two directions. With the engine engaged power will come from the battery. However, if you push manually, the power you generate can be sent back to the battery to recharge it. Currently this technology is being used predominately on electric bicycles. In the near future though, I can see it becoming an industry standard on electric rides of all kinds.

Neo-dymium motors

Neo-dymium is an earth-magnet that produces a phenomenal amount of magnetic energy. So much so, that it is starting to be used in electric motors. These motors offer far more torque whilst fitting into a small space. Using magnetic force reduces friction significantly which means very little energy is wasted when in use.

Electric Scooters For Adults or Children?

While most of the electric scooters on our list will accommodate children both young and old, If you are a young adult looking to slash your commuting costs or just want a (comparatively) cheap way to run errands and get around town – You’ll definitely want to go focus on a more robust model scooter. Ideally, something that is capable of reaching a healthy top speed of 15+ mph, a strong battery and reasonable charging times. It’s true that a good quality commuter scooter will probably set you back a a $500+, but it’s nothing compared to the cost of owning a car.

If you are purchasing an electric scooter for a child or teen, It probably goes without saying that investing hundreds or sometimes even thousands of dollars may be a bit excessive if they haven’t already shown a strong interest in scooters or other electric rides. If you are just testing the water with scooters, We’ve gone ahead and noted several options that are great entry level choices for younger riders. While many of these scooters are also able to support an adult, performance will generally suffer from the extra weight and they generally don’t have the type of range and performance that will allow you to really commute to work and back on a single charge.


Knowing a little about batteries will really help you to make an informed decision about your scooter. When we speak about power, we´re primarily talking about the strength of the wattage. Naturally, running more watts through an engine will increase its ability to handle inclines and tough surfaces. It also effects the weight capacity as well the acceleration.

As a rule of thumb, a battery that emits 250W, typically 12 volts is a children´s motor. That amount of watts just isn´t enough to carry a fully grown adult. You´ll also notice that motors in the 250W capacity the engine feels sluggish and will struggle on tougher surfaces. On the other hand, if you´re buying for a child, you´re not going to want a hugely powerful engine that could put their safety in jeopardy.

When you´re choosing an electric scooter think about what you´re going to use it for. If you´re planning on every day usage you´ll want a scooter with an output between 750W and 2000W. The higher the Wattage the higher price, so think carefully about what you actually need before you part with any money.

Lead Acid Battery
When electric scooters first hit the market-place they were fitted with a lead acid battery. These are found in all sorts of home appliances like fridges. They´re cheap to produce, reasonably efficient and they last a long time. The downside is that they take an age to charge. Typically, 12 to 24 hours. Another problem with lead batteries is that they are usually connected with wires which can easily come loose. Finally, as the battery decays, or if it´s damaged, it can run very hot and become a safety hazard.

Lithium Ion Battery
Lithium battery technology was developed largely because of mobile phones, tablets and portable computers. The trend was to make devices smaller and smaller. As a result extensive, and expensive, research was invested in Lithium Ion batteries.

In today´s market that research is being utilized in electric scooters. Lithium batteries are superior to lead batteries because of the low charge time; typically, 1 to 3 hours. They´re also much safer. Lithium use metal to generate energy which means, even as the battery decays, there is no risk of leaking fluid or catching fire. If you´re looking at an electric scooter as a long term investment we´d highly recommend getting one that uses a lithium ion battery.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a UL2272 Certificate?

UL was established shortly after hover boards, electric scooters and Segways became popular. The reason it was established was due to cheap manufacture of electric motors and faulty batteries that resulted in a small number of fires. The products had been purchased off Amazon which led to the company removing 90% of personal transport devices from its listings.

In response, UL developed a rigorous set of criteria to assess the safety of electric powered personal transport. The organization is approved by both the US and Canadian government and ensures product equipment is safe. The full criteria is available from their website.

UL approved it´s first hoverboard in May 2016 which is very recent. If a product doesn´t have a UL certificate it doesn´t necessarily mean it´s unsafe. Any products designed before May 2016 will not have UL certificates. Those products will have passed numerous safety checks, especially if they are US based like Razor. The UL2272 is an extremely rigorous testing process and it is smarter to go with a UL certified product for obvious reasons.

I've heard that performance of electric scooters decreases over time, is that true?

Electric scooters are only as good as the batteries that power them. Rechargeable batteries will naturally decay over time. As the battery life decays they will have less power and will run for a shorter period of time. If you take care of the batteries you can easily get high performance for a period of 3-5 years.

How do I make the most out of my battery life?

There´s a few tips and tricks you can use to help extend the life of your batteries:

Remove the battery when the unit is not being used If at all possible, try to remove the battery when the machine is not in use. As long as a battery remains connected to something it will send out a small charge. If the battery life is low, that small charge can cause rapid decay of the battery.

Charge fully before using the first time The first time you charge your scooter ensure that it charges to the maximum. Lead acid batteries will sometimes require double charge time of up to 24 hours the first time. Always follow the manufacturing instructions to ensure long-lasting battery life.

Let the battery run all the way down before recharging When you run energy through a battery to recharge it, the battery will decay slightly with each charge. Lithium Batteries, for example, have a lifespan of 3 years or 400 charges. To ensure your battery doesn´t decay faster than it needs to let the battery run all the way down before recharging.

Never overcharge your battery This is the golden rule of taking care of your batteries. When batteries are overcharged they can decay rapidly because the temperature of the battery heats up. Most batteries should be kept below 50 degrees. If the battery temperature goes over that, it will no longer function to its full capabilities.

Disclaimer: If you are under 18 – Make sure that you have an adult present before attempting to unassemble, repair or otherwise work on your electric scooter. 

Which should I get: a hoverboard, electric scooter, unicycle or electric skateboard?

Tough question.

From my perspective, I would opt for an electric scooter if you want an easy to learn, no nonsense way to commute to work or around town.

I would consider an electric unicycle or skateboard if you don’t mind a bit of learning curve and would still like to maintain a high average speed and commute distance.

Finally, If you are just interested in having fun while traveling a shorter distance, You may want to consider a segway or a hoverboard.

Honestly, your best bet is to take a look at some of our other pages to decide which one is best for you.

Is it safe to buy something used?

It´s as easy to grab a bargain as it is to bag a dud when you´re shopping for an adult electric scooter second hand. When it comes to electric motors you can run into trouble with a depleted battery, expired warranty or even missed recall repairs. The worse thing about that is you probably won´t realize you´ve got a dud battery until after the purchase. If you´re sure about buying second hand always check the seller is fully authorized and if it´s easy to replace the battery. A warranty or exchange option is also a must.

Honorable Mentions

SWAGTRON Swagger High Speed Adult Electric Scooter

SWAGTRON Swagger High Speed Adult Electric Scooter Someone in the marketing department needs to take a long hard look at themselves after naming Swag´s electric transport line. Swagtron just doesn´t have the same ring as Segway. Thankfully, the swagger high speed adult electric scooter is a lot more than just a name.

Carbon-fibre is a light-weight, high performance material that is commonly found on supercars. This latest offering in affordable adult scooters is built from the same material. Using carbon fibre means Swagtron can fit a smaller, 250W engine into the scooter without sacrificing performance.

The swagger high-speed can reach up to 15 miles an hour and will run for about an hour on a single charge. It weighs just over 17llbs so when you do run out of power you simply fold it up and carry it under your arm. Recharge time is a mere 1.5 hours so you´ll be back out on the road in no time.

Swagtron have even included a cruise control system for when you´re just starting out. Cruise control is really useful because it lets you focus on your balance and the environment around you rather than gears.

This adult electric scooter is available at a very low price so naturally there´s a couple of issues to point out. The first, is its inability to handle more than a 20% incline. The second, is its low ground clearance. Tackling hills is not a huge problem because you can always push with your feet to help the engine out. The low ground clearance, on the other hand is a problem. Bumps, rocks or cracks will fast become your worst enemy. They really reduce the performance overall. It´s a decent electric scooter for adult riders with a low price tag and some wonderfully convenient features.

  • Excellent price tag
  • Carbon fiber material is a nice surprise on a model so cheap
  • A decent speed provided you are on a smooth surface
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • Quick recharge time
  • Has a UL2272 safety certificate

  • Rougher surfaces see that top speed drop to a walking pace
  • Low ground clearance
  • Only 1 hour riding per charge

Super Turbo Elite – Most Versatile Electric Scooter

Super Turbo 1000w Electric ScooterRead our Full Review >>>> When it comes to personal transport, sometimes all you want is performance. If that´s the case with you, then the Super Turbo 1000W Elite Electric scooter is your weapon of choice. This is by far the most powerful adult electric scooter on our list. The top speed is an impressive 18-24 mph (depending on rider weight) which performs on inclines as well as flat road. Disc brakes are fitted to the front and rear wheels which have extra grippy 10.5 inch off-road tires.

The engine is chain driven which is the same engine used on motor-bikes. Its sturdy steel frame is more than capable of handling long usage and you even get an adjustable seat post if you feel like sitting down. The charging time takes about 6-8 hours for which you´ll get about an hour of riding time. A neat feature is the economy and turbo modes. In economy the top speed is reduced but the run-time increases. In turbo you get the full power of that beastly 1000W engine.

The price makes this scooter more of an investment than an impulse buy. At this price point you could buy a proper moped, so it´s worth doing some extra research before taking the plunge. While this is a fantastic hybrid model, you may want to look at a more comfortable electric scooter model if you don’t ever plan on going off-road.

  • Economy and turbo modes
  • Fully adjustable seating
  • Suitable for all adults
  • Excellent top speed
  • Disc brakes
  • LED front and back lamps

  • The price will limit its audience a bit
  • Charge time is a little long
  • Fairly heavy, which makes manual pushing a bit of a chore

MEGAWHEELS S1 Electric Scooter

Commuters looking for a reliable hop and ride design need to get to know the Megawheels Electric Kick Scooter a little better. Megawheels is a trusted brand that has been in the business of creating reliable and innovative methods of personal transport since 2014. Known for their self-balancing scooters, e-scooters and electric skateboard designs, they employ rigors standards with regards to obtaining materials and careful inspection routines. Your Megawheels S1 electric scooter produces zero emissions, which means it’s a great way to cut back on your carbon footprint without sacrificing mobility and fun.

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If you’re in the market for a budget friendly, lightweight electric kick scooter that’s dependable, durable with an overall, high quality build, you can’t do much better then the Megawheels S1 e-scooter. This mid-range electric kick scooter is powered by a 250 watt motor, which gives you a fair exchange between price point and features. In fact, you won’t be forfeiting much in the way of features as the S1 is constructed of high grade materials such as a solid aluminum alloy frame, as well as being easy to operate, transport and store. This portable, folding e-scooter is perfect for adults and children up to 150 pounds.

Primarily designed for children, teens and adults with a light build, this scooter can hit a top speed of 14 mph, and travel from 5 to 8 miles on a single charge. Travel distance for this scooter will depend largely on the users weight and speed with which they travel. If you’ve struggled with simple, scooters in the past and dealt with the anguish of an uncomfortable ride due to handle bar height, this is not the case with the S1. Perfect for kids to grow into, the Magawheels S1 e-scooter is made with easily adjustable handlebars. This means that if you buy this for your kids 10 year birthday, simply adjust the handlebars to suit their height as they grow.

As for the ride itself, the 5.5 inch, solid rubber tires will absorb any shocks from minor bumps and cracks you’ll come across. This model does not come with a headlight, but does have a tail light, so if you’re intent on driving this little beauty in the moonlight, it might help to purchase an inexpensive LED headlight. While it has no tail light per se, it does have a vibrating emergency light located on its back fender.

Taking the S1 out for a ride, you immediately notice not only the light weight, but the sturdy, anti-slip deck. Able to reach a top speed of 14 mph, while Megawheels claims it can handle inclines up to 15 degrees, that may vary with the weight of the rider, with heavier riders saying it slows down considerably for them at such steep inclines. You’ll also find that the handles have a nice soft grip to them, which adds much needed comfort for longer commutes. As for braking, you have both an electronic brake located on the handlebars, and a heel brake which is operated by your foot.

As for portability, for an e-scooter, the MegawheelsThe S1 weighs in at a light 18 pounds, so it’s easy to grab and carry. When you reach your destination, simply fold your S1 down, and it’s very own One-Second Folding Mechanism will do the rest. When the time comes and you’re ready to recharge, simply plug in the charger to the UL2272 Certified Battery, and wait 3 hours.

  • Budget friendly and affordable
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to carry at 18 pounds
  • Frame manufactured from quality grade aluminum alloy
  • One second folding mechanism for easy storage
  • Adjustable handlebars

  • Low mileage per charge
  • No headlights or LED display
  • Not recommended for adults over 150 pounds


Best Electric Scooters of 2019 – The Final Verdict

On our list of the best electric scooters we´ve included high-performance scooters, children’s scooters, the best entry level scooters and of course the best electric scooters for adults. Hopefully, there´s something for everyone on this list. When you´re choosing an electric scooter, always look at the three core criteria of battery, engine and brakes. If you´re going to be using it daily then by all means invest more, if it´s for a child who will outgrow the e-scooter there is little point in spending thousands. As always if you have any further questions, take a look at our FAQ´s section above!


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