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Columbia TX-550 Seated Electric Scooter

For running errands around town or scooting up and down the boardwalk at the beach, the Columbia TX 550 is just what you need. This scooter is made to carry a full size adult and you can ride standing or seated. With a speed of up to 18 mph, you will get to your destination quickly and look cool doing it because the TX 550 is retro styled with a 1960’s surfer design.


The Columbia TX 550 is a product of Columbia Bicycles, a company in business since 1877; but the company now produces its products in China. Sorry, no U.S. manufacturing with this product. The scooter operates on a 550 W high torque, neodymium magnet motor. This powerful motor allows speeds up to 18 mph, depending on rider size.

The TX 550 has a steel frame and non slip deck. It travels on 12.5″ road tread tires. This scooter is made to travel on smooth, level surfaces. It is designed to be operated on dry surfaces, as the bottom of the battery compartment hangs low and there is very little clearance between the box and the surface of the road. Riding in water will cause damage to the battery.

The scooter arrives with a charged battery, but before it can operate you must hook up two wires inside the battery box. This is not made very clear in the instructions, and you may think you have gotten a bad product when it still won’t run after charging for several hours. The unit will run for a couple hours on a full charge. Some riders report 3-4 hours of battery life. Some riders say it lasts about 12 miles at top speed. Once the battery is depleted, it becomes necessary to open the battery compartment again to attach the charger. According to the manufacturer, complete recharging takes about 8 hours, but some users stated it took a full 18 hours to get a complete charge. The scooter cannot be ridden without the electric motor running. There is no kick to push free wheeling option like others have.

The TX550 is meant to be ridden in a seated or standing position. The seat has a slight adjustment available to make it comfortable. The handlebars adjust and can be folded down for storage. The scooter itself does not fold to fit in the trunk of a car.

One thing that makes this scooter stand out from the crowd is the styling. It is painted high luster black with brown, wood look accents. The handle grips and seat are brown vinyl. The 12.5″ tires are mounted on 5 spoke mag wheels. The scooter does have a kickstand and a cable operated front brake.

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The Columbia TX 550 is smart looking and will definitely get you noticed. The retro surfer styling is classy and sleek. The scooter moves quickly along smooth level surfaces with speeds up to 18 mph. It will carry a rider weighing up to 260 pounds on the sturdy seat post or standing on the non slip deck. It has a steel frame and fork for strength and durability. The large tires offer a smooth ride. The price is on the low side for electric scooters, compared to other similar models

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The biggest problem with this scooter is the amount of assembly required and the lack of instruction provided. Even though the unit arrives with an owner’s manual, the directions are not clear enough to make assembly very easy. The seat post, handlebars, and front wheel must be attached. The front tire must be inflated and the brakes adjusted. Then there is that pesky issue of the two wires inside the battery box that must be attached correctly in order to get power to the motor. Another issue is the inability to fold the scooter for storage or transport. Even though the company claims it will travel 18 mph, many reviewers have stated that the top speed is closer to 14 mph. The lack of clearance between the bottom of the battery box and the road surface is also a problem. A dip or bump in the road could cause a major problem. The scooter also has no safety lights, mirror, or horn. For this reason, riding in traffic or after dark is not recommended.

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 Dimensions: 10 x 19 x 46 shipped
 Weight: 60 pounds
 Wheels type: 12.5 inch, air filled, rubber
 Age Recommendation: 14+ and above
 Weight Capacity: 260 pounds
 Maximum Range: 12 Miles
 Maximum Speed: 14-18 mph
 Battery Type: 24V lead filled rechargeable
 Charging Time: 6 Hours
 Safety Features: front cable brake, non-slip deck

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Capable of carrying a 260 pound adult up to 12 miles, the Columbia TX 550 is a handy scooter to have for quick errands or cruising with friends. It features a powerful motor that allows you to travel up to 18 mph. The high quality steel frame and fork are sturdy and long lasting. The scooter is versatile with a padded seat and a nonslip deck, so you can ride seated or standing. If you are looking for a good scooter at a great price, this might be just the one for you. While it doesn't have all the extra bells and whistles that some models include, this one is great for just getting from place to place.

Speed & Range
Value For Money
  • Style- Retro surfer design
  • Speed-up to 18 mph
  • Range- up to 12 miles
  • Quality- steel frame, 550 W motor
  • Assembly required- instructions unclear
  • Must be operated electrically
  • Scooter does not fold
  • Very little clearance above road surface
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  1. I totally enjoy this scooter. The speed is perfect. Battery life is acceptable (hills will drain it fast.) I bought a $20 light kit for it (turn sig., brake light, tail light, head light & 8 tone horn.) LOVE LOVE LOVEIT!!!!!

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