Top 5 Kick Scooters For Adults

Today, there are more ways to travel than ever before. While the petrol car still dominates, there are signs that things may be different in future. As cars, buses and trains continue to harm our environments, people are turning to alternative methods of transport. There has been a surge, for instance, in the number of scooters for adults.

Adult kick scooters are cheap to buy, cost nothing to run and produce no harmful emissions. This makes them a great choice for anybody looking to supercharge their commute. They can take a little getting used to, but once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s easy to see the benefits of travelling in this fashion.

The shape and structure of adult scooters are similar to what you’d find on products designed for older children and teens. However, it’s doubly important for adult riders to pick the right size for their height. If you don’t consider the dimensions carefully, you could end up with a scooter that is cumbersome and uncomfortable to use.

To help you pick a great ride, we’re counting down the top 5 best kick scooters for adults on the market.


Adult Kick Scooter  Comparison Table

Model Colors Adjustable? Max Weight Our Score
 Xootr Adult Kick Scooter  White  Yes 800 lbs  9.7 Check Price
 Razor A5 Lux Scooter  Blue, Pink, Red  Yes 220 lbs  9.1 Check Price
 Ancheer Foldable Kick Scooter Black, White   Yes  220 lbs  9.4  Check Price
Schwinn Shuffle  White   No 300+ lbs 8.9 Check Price
 GBtiger Foldable Kick Scooter Black   Yes 220 lbs  8.4 Check Price


1. Xootr Scooter – Best Adult Kick Scooter

Xootr Adult Kick Scooter - White

It’s fair to say the Xootr Adult Kick Scooter is easy on the eye. In fact, its looks are the first thing we noticed about it. The design is sleek, elegant and just a little bit cool, without wandering into silliness and that’s important here. For grownups, scooters are less about showing off and more about getting to work on time. So, it’s great to see Xootr focusing squarely on comfort and performance.

This product doesn’t come cheap, particularly when compared with other popular scooters for adults. The quality is quickly evident though, from the moment you put pressure on the ultra-glide polyurethane tires. As its wheel bearings are close to friction-less, the Xootr slides effortlessly across almost any surface. The rate of rolling resistance is remarkably low for a manual vehicle. We were stunned at the smoothness of each and every ride.

It also comes with two brakes which is quite rare for an adult kick scooter. The customary ‘stomp’ brake at the back is augmented with a BMX style hand brake at the front. It’s one of our favourite features because it feels natural and ergonomic. In fact, this was the first time we really questioned the efficacy of rear brakes. Front mounted devices are easier to use, so it makes sense to assume they’re safer too.

While the Xootr Adult Kick Scooter looks prettier than it does sturdy, you’ll be surprised at how effortlessly it handles the weight. We tested the Cruz model which can withstand just over 800lbs of rider. The MG model, with its magnesium deck, holds a little more weight than the wooden version, but it’s a negligible difference. Certainly, if it comes down to price, we’d say you’re not missing out if you opt for the slightly cheaper Cruz scooter.

  • Beautifully understated design- Rare two brake system (front & back)
  • Wide platform for comfy weight distribution
  • Excellent handling, super smooth ride

  • Folding uses a removable pin (easy to lose)- Can get a little slippery in the rain
  • Deck board rattles on rough terrain


2. Razor A5 Lux Scooter – Best Budget Option

Razor is one of the oldest scooter brands around. So, we had big expectations for the A5 Lux Scooter. Right away, we were a little unsure about the design. Unlike the Xootr Adult Kick Scooter, it’s more an in between product. As it can be used by older children and teens (providing they’re tall enough), the design is more vibrant and youthful. It’s a matter of personal preference, however. If you’re big on metallics, you’ll probably think it’s pretty neat.

What we do love is the fact the foot deck is made from aircraft grade aluminium. It’s probably not impossible to break, but it is extremely difficult. You can give this scooter a real beating without worrying about cracks or fractures. Interestingly though, it does pick up dings and dents a little easier than steel scooters. Aluminium is a softer metal. Therefore, the Razor A5 Lux has a relatively low weight capacity (220lbs) and a vulnerability to scratches.

Like most scooters for adults, the A5 Lux comes with a rear ‘stomp’ brake. It’s easy to use, but there may be a few wobbles when practicing. The urethane wheels are a little bigger than average. This is great for stability as it increases contact with the road, without compromising on performance. Despite the large wheels, it’s a super lightweight product at just eight and a half pounds.

It may not be as sleek as some other adult scooters, but the Razor A5 Lux delivers when it comes to efficiency and performance. With adjustable handlebars and a patented folding system, it is one of the most practical products on our list. The T bar folds neatly back onto the deck board if you pull a small pin out, and it can be slotted into a cupboard, car boot, or other narrow storage space.

  • Made out of aircraft grade metal- Easy to use folding system (pull pin)
  • Large wheels provide extra stability
  • No assembly, use straight out the box

  • Some may find the design a little garish- Aluminium frame is vulnerable to scratches
  • Handling can get a little dicey in the rain


3. Ancheer Adult Kick Scooter – Best Foldable

The Ancheer Adult Kick Scooter is another product that is designed for both older children, teens and adults. Thankfully, its design reflects this. It’s all in black, with a sleek deck board and a cool shock absorbing spring at the front. We want to point out that, while it looks a little flimsy to the eye, this Ancheer scooter delivers strength and durability. Just like the Razor A5 Lux, its frame is made from aircraft grade aluminium.

This means it has some of the same problems too. The aluminium is strong and very difficult to break, but it has a lower weight capacity than, say, the Xootr. Then again, a 200lb limit is unlikely to trouble most riders. According to its manufacturer, this scooter can handle pebbles, grass, asphalt, mud, sand and paving stones. It’s a bit ambitious, as no scooter is truly designed for the divots and bumps in grassy surfaces.

You’ll find that performance is severely degraded once you get away from roads and sidewalks. Although, the bigger than average wheels and dual suspension system do allow it to glide smoothly over smaller bumps. Its ABEC-7 bearings reduce vibrations and increase ride comfort for the user, even if a road is in poor condition.

The braking system is fairly standard. There is a rear ‘stomp’ brake at the fender. It is simple to use and coated in anti-rust protectants, which is useful for those living and riding in rainy conditions. There is also a small front brake. This tends to be a valuable feature, but we can’t say it added much to the overall experience. As it is smaller than the rear brake, it can be hard to locate when moving at speed. So, we advise sticking with the rear brake.

  • Made out of aircraft grade materials- Folds without needing a pull pin
  • Sophisticated, understated design
  • Shock absorber makes rides smooth

  • Two brake system isn’t overly useful
  • Aluminium frame picks up scratches easily
  • Not as efficient on grass/gravel as promised


4. Schwinn Adult Shuffle Scooter

We’ll get this out of the way quickly. We absolutely love the Schwinn Shuffle Scooter. It’s not perfect and it certainly has weaknesses. However, you’d be hard pressed to find a more exciting ride. If you’re familiar with the Schwinn brand, the quirky design of this product should make sense to you. It has one giant front wheel (26”), so it looks more like a bicycle. This is entirely deliberate and, we confess, rather charming too.

It rides just like most other scooters for adults. You kick off from the ground and use your feet to pick up speed. Though, it really does like a traditional bike from far away. If you’re older and worried about looking childish on a scooter, we can’t recommend the Schwinn enough. It’s classic, elegant and impressive to look at. On the other hand, the bike style frame makes it significantly heavier than many rival scooters, so keep this in mind.

It also doesn’t fold up or away. If you buy a Schwinn Shuffle Scooter, you’ll need to treat it much like a bike. It requires ample storage space and this might make it unsuitable for commuting or public transport, in some cases. The frame may be heavy, but the wheels are super lightweight to balance out handling and performance. We were especially fond of the bicycle style ‘pull’ brakes on the handlebars. They’re great for comfort and safety.

One downside is the narrowness of its foot deck. It’s very thin and, sadly, quite hard to ride if you haven’t got a good balance and a reasonably strong core. For this reason, we can’t recommend the Schwinn to older riders with poor stability. It actually takes some getting used to for younger, stronger users too. The unusual design means that it handling may not come naturally at first. With a little practice though, you should be mobile in no time.

  • Gorgeous, classic ‘bike’ style design
  • Comes with a flip out kick stand
  • Curved handlebars for a comfy grip
  • Can ‘jump’ off and onto pavements

  • Foot deck is a little too narrow
  • Very bulky and doesn’t fold away
  • Unusually heavy for a kick scooter


5. GBTiger Foldable Kick Scooter

Our last scooter, the GBTiger Foldable Adult Scooter claims to adjust into one of the longest on the market. It means even the biggest, tallest kids can get in on the action. With a weight capacity of 220lbs, it is sturdy enough for almost every kind of rider. It’s one of the reasons we picked this product as the best scooter for commuting. The construction is clearly sturdy and durable, but use, transport and storage couldn’t be simpler.

The GBTiger has a telescopic T bar which is quite common on scooters for adults. What is not so common is the fact they also adjust outwards to create more space between the hands. This can aid stability, particularly if you’re on the stockier side. Though, we should point out that the foot deck is a little smaller than average. If you’ve got big feet, you may end up with a super comfortable grip but a slightly awkward standing position.

Like other adult scooters, this one has a shock absorber to make uneven surfaces a breeze. We have to say it works far better than expected. You’re likely to struggle if you take it out on grass, mud, or sand but it tackles stones and pebbles with ease. The dual suspension and precision bearings reduce vibrations and guarantee a smooth ride, every time. On urban surfaces – sidewalks and roads – it performed as well as much more expensive rivals.

Despite the deck being a little too small, it does have some appealing safety features. The low to ground board is reinforced with heat sealed aluminium alloy, so it is remarkably tough. It is coated with full deck grip tape to keep feet from slipping. The brake is located to the rear end of the scooter. It’s a classic ‘stomp’ design and, though we would have preferred a slightly bigger target, it is both efficient and uncomplicated.

  • Folds up small in under two seconds
  • Very smooth ride, glides over bumps
  • Handlebars adjust outwards (width) as well
  • Grippy foot deck keeps feet in place

  • Foot deck is on the narrow side
  • Rear stomp brake is a little small
  • No other color choices (if you don’t like black)


Criteria Used In Our Review

There is no shortage of great kick scooters on the market. The question is, which one suits your lifestyle the best? If this is your first adult scooter, you may be wondering where to start looking and what to prioritize. Fortunately, we can help you make a great decision.

Here are some criteria we considered for this countdown of the best scooters for adults.

Wheel Size
Wheel size is, perhaps, the most important consideration of all. Unlike child scooters, adult devices need to be outdoor capable, all the time. The wheels must be extremely tough and durable if it’s going to withstand regular use. Generally speaking, smaller, thinner wheels pick up speed better. The problem is they’re not always as stable as broader wheels.

This means you’re looking at a trade-off between speed and stability. Do you want a kick scooter that moves very fast or one that won’t wobble or judder as you ride? Make sure the wheels are made of metal. Plastic and rubber aren’t strong enough, on their own, for repeated outdoor riding. Wheel suspension systems are great for ensuring comfort on bumpy terrain.

Construction Material
Again, while youth scooters can get away with having flimsy plastic shells, adult scooters need to be robust. Aluminium is the most common choice, but there are products formed in steel and even magnesium. Steel is the strongest option, but it tends to be very expensive. Most often, you’ll find kick scooters with a combination of aluminium and steel components.

Aluminium is a good choice because it can carry a large amount of weight [8]. Unfortunately, it scratches easily. Dents and dings are normally superficial, but they are common. Nevertheless, kick scooters of this kind are reliable and affordable. If you’re worried about weight, look for a double or even triply reinforced foot deck.

The Braking System
The majority of scooters for adults come with one rear brake. It’s a stomp style brake, so the rider stretches one leg back and pushes down on it to stop moving. This style of braking system can feel awkward at first, particularly if you’re not used to riding a scooter, but it is very straightforward. We found this to be a perfectly decent way to brake.

If you’re worried about using a stomp system, opt for a scooter with two brakes or a front facing brake. Some products, like the Schwinn Shuffle Scooter, have a more traditional bike style lever. It’s preferable if you’re an unsteady rider or feel uncomfortable about not being able to see the brake. You could also look for a scooter with a rear brake that is larger than average.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Weight Limit for an Adult Kick Scooter?

The answer to this question varies. The average kick scooter can handle anything up to 300lbs. Although, some products have an even higher limit, at 400lbs or even (in rare cases) a whopping 800lbs. This is not especially common, but Xootr is known for making scooters with an extremely high weight capacity.

So, whatever your size, there is a kick scooter out there for you. Just make sure, before you buy, to check the maximum weight limit. You’re advised not to exceed this figure. Don’t purchase a cheaper product with a lower capacity and assume you can ride it safely. Even if you don’t hurt yourself, you could end up damaging the scooter.

Can I Use a Kick Scooter for Commuting?

Yes, adult kick scooters are a popular way to commute. Although, it’s important to take safety precautions and consider the suitability of your route. You cannot, for instance, ride a scooter in the road. So, it’s worth thinking about the accessibility of paths and sidewalks. If your journey is short (less than three miles), any kind of scooter will get you there.

If your commute is longer (more than 2-3 miles), you may want to look at upgrading to an electric scooter. It’s best to opt for a balance between comfort and speed. While you do want to get to work in a timely manner, you also want an enjoyable ride. Prioritize padded or cushioned handlebars, a wide foot deck and a top class suspension system.

Do I Need to Wear a Helmet While Riding a Scooter?

There is no law that says scooters cannot be ridden without a safety helmet. However, we strongly advise you to use one, especially when travelling long distances. You may be riding on the sidewalk, but accidents are still possible.

Swerving to avoid an obstacle – be it a bump in the road or a pedestrian – can be dangerous. You can pick up a high quality riding helmet for around $40. It’s a worthwhile expense, particularly for those scooting on uneven surfaces.

How Long Will A Typical Adult Kick Scooter Last?

Again, this depends on a wide number of variables, such as how often you ride, what terrains you travel on and how carefully you handle the device. All products are different, so it’s hard to give an accurate estimate.

In our opinion, the average kick scooter lasts between three and 5 years, assuming it is used regularly and cared for properly. Though, it’s worth pointing out that many of the parts are replaceable. You could, in theory, extend its life by replacing individual components as they wear down or break.

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