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Editor choice OjO Commuter Scooter for Adults Review

OjO Commuter Scooter for Adults Review

The commuter experience is not a recommended one. Everyone needs to be somewhere, and everyone else is in their way. This is the philosophy of commuters everywhere which contributes to the honking horns, squeezing subways and packed trams of ...

2 URB-E Electric Scooter Review

URB-E Electric Scooter Review

When a product earns as many column inches as the URB-E electric scooter, it’s difficult not to sit up and take notice. This ingenious fold-up electric-scooter-cum-bicycle is heralded as the commuter solution by the likes of Huffington Post, ...

3 Hover-1 xLS Folding Electric Scooter And Urban E-Bike Review

Hover-1 xLS Folding Electric Scooter And Urban E-Bike Review

A folding electric bike, so lightweight and small that you can carry it on the subway or toss it in the trunk of your car, the Hover-1 xLS Folding Electric Scooter is a commuter's dream vehicle. This little scooter travels quickly and quietly ...

4 GIGABYKE GROOVE Electric Moped Scooter Review

GIGABYKE GROOVE Electric Moped Scooter Review

There’s been more than a few false dawns in the personal transport industry. We were told in the nineties we’d be driving electric cars by now. In the noughties, the Segway was hailed as a transport revolution- it was a revolution no-one ...

Best value 5 Super Turbo 1000watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter

Super Turbo 1000watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter

If you are looking for a stylish, comfortable vehicle for your daily commute or running errands around town, this is the bike for you. This little scooter travels quickly and quietly while offering maximum rider safety and comfort. The Super ...

6 Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter Review

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter Review

The infrastructure of the world’s biggest cities isn’t going to change, even if the way we interact with them has. In the US, nearly 70% of the population now live in cities- all of them need a way to get around. Electric mopeds provide cheap, ...


Best Scooters For Children

Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter Review

What if you could get have all the fun of riding around on a Razor scooter on an off road trail or gravel path? Well, now you can. Razor has developed the RX200 Electric Off Road Scooter. This innovative product will travel over dirt paths, ...

Best 4 Kids 2 Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

When you think of scooters, the name Razor immediately pops into your mind. Originally makers of kick to ride handlebar equipped scooters for kids, the company has grown and expanded into the world of motorized scooters. Their Razor Pocket Mod ...

3 Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review

Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review

For running errands around town or commuting short distances to work or school, it is hard to beat the reliability and performance of Razor's E300S Electric Scooter. This heavy duty, full sized scooter is a step up from Razor's E200S Scooter. ...

4 Razor e90 Electric Scooter Review

Razor e90 Electric Scooter Review

When you think of scooters, which brand pops into your head? The A model Micro scooter by Razor was the original handlebar equipped kick to ride scooter mass produced and sold in the United States. Over 5 million were sold in the year 2000. ...

5 Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

This nifty little scooter will be a favorite toy of your child from day one. Known and loved by millions, Razor has become synonymous with scooters. In business for over a decade, this company is known worldwide. They stand behind their products ...

6 Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter Review

Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter Review

In neighborhoods and towns all over the world, kids are zipping along on electric scooters. These no pedaling required vehicles are replacing bicycles as a recreational ride. With so many brands and styles on the market, making a choice can be ...


Best Electric Scooters of 2018

Product Reviews, Buying Guide, Frequently Asked Questions & Top 3 Picks

Let’s be honest…

I think we had all hoped that we would be cruising around town via flying cars or jet packs by now, right? While we haven’t quite cracked teleporters or jetpacks yet, there has been some pretty amazing progress in battery technology and electric rides of all kind.

Scooters, by design, have hardly any weight. A low center of gravity adds stability to this mini-bike whilst handlebar steering makes weaving in and out of traffic a breeze. Throw in a battery powered engine and you´ve got yourself an electric scooter.

A popular jab aimed at electric engines is that they don´t produce much power. Since scooters are naturally light weight, combining them with an electric engine makes sense. They´re better for the environment and easily capable of reaching that hallowed 15-20mph speed limit (for pedestrian vehicles).

For a long time personal transport was an elite product for those with more cash than they knew what to do with. As manufacturing costs have lowered so too have prices. Today, almost anyone can afford an electric scooter. Here´s 11 of the best scooters around.

OjO Commuter Scooter

Ojo Commuter Scooter - Best electric scooter for adults

The most advanced technology combines with practical design to make the Ojo electric commuter scooter a legitimate alternative to motorized transport. The looks are sleek and appealing whilst the materials keep it light enough to carry. What makes this scooter really stand out is the transportable charger and replaceable batteries which offer an unrivaled level of practicality in this market. A product with this kind of price-tag will always be a target for thieves, but the Ojo electric scooter has a motion detecting alarm system although how effective this will be remains to be seen. The price is high but this is a long-term solution to commuting and should be seen as a high value investment

  • Smart design features that have a practical usage
  • Light-weight materials that help with handling as well as being strong enough to keep you safe
  • Top grade suspension, brakes and tires which will last a long time
  • Excellent top speed of 20mph with enough battery to take you 25 miles on just a single charge
  • A legitimate alternative to motorized vehicles or public transport
  • One of the best electrics scooters for adults looking to slash their commute costs.

  • Will likely be targeted by thieves and lacks any real solution to this problem outside of storing it indoors
  • The high price make this an investment which carries some risk given this is a relatively new industry

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URB-E – Foldable Electric Scooter

URB-E Electric Scooter Black - Side ViewThe award winning electric scooter from URB-E is one of the most advanced products on the market right now. The practical foldable design and light-weight 30llb overall weight means you can take this anywhere with you. Once you hit the roads, you’ll be impressed by the speed, stability and stamina of this cutting edge, green powered scooter.
An exclusive price tag is the only thing to worry about here. Once you’ve made the investment you can expect a manufacturing attention to detail so fine that the production manager has put his name on it. Underneath the hood, the latest technology available is put together in perfect harmony to deliver a heavy-hitting, market leader.
Capable of speeds which range from 14- 18 mph(depending on model) and equipped with disc-brakes this high-performing adult electric scooter is the perfect companion on your daily commute. A 18 mile range seals the deal as a viable alternative to taking the bus, or driving in your car. And the best thing? You won’t even need a license or registration to own one.

  • Superb design that is both pleasing to the eye and practical
  • Exceptional levels of power and range which make riding it a dream
  • Aircraft-grade carbon fiber and alumium design
  • Foldable and light-weight which means you can truly take it anywhere with you
  • Intuitive app, connectivity and USB ports for charging your devices
  • Award winning scooter for adults that is made right here in the US
  • A one year warranty to secure your purchase

  • A little on the expensive side which may limit its market
  • Will be a target for thieves. We recommend taking it with you inside when you arrive to your destination.

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Gigabyke Groove Electric Scooter

Gigabyke groove electric scooter/moped - lime green and blackA nippy and well-made commuter vehicle with the weight of a US based brand behind it. The Gigabyke Groove is more than capable of replacing public transport, or motors, as a commuter scooter. The looks are impressive whilst the heads up display is useful and easy to read. What sets the Gigabyke apart is the focus on battery life. The pedals help to mediate your travel, allowing you to cover an industry leading 35 miles on just a single charge. Everything about this bike is designed with efficiency in mind, from the LED headlamp to the silicon-based lithium battery. The price may be a little high for some but, with the practicality on offer it’s an undeniably valuable investment

  • Overall focus on efficiency with LED lamps, pedals and a silicon based lithium battery
  • Capable of covering long distances on just a single charge
  • A high top speed with responsive handling and suspension
  • The disc brakes are superb, allowing you to stop on a dime
  • A well-built unit with the weight of a US based company behind it
  • Easy to set up and go within a couple of hours

  • The unit arrives almost whole which means there’s a high-chance cosmetic parts will get damaged during shipping
  • The pedals aren’t linked to a gyroscope so you can’t charge while you ride
  • The price may be a put off for some

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Super Turbo 1000watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter

Super Turbo 1000w Electric ScooterWhen it comes to personal transport, sometimes all you want is performance. If that´s the case with you, then the Super Turbo 1000W Elite Electric scooter is your weapon of choice.

This is by far the most powerful scooter on our list. The top speed is a breezing 18-24 mph (depending on rider weight) which performs on inclines as well as flat road. Disc brakes are fitted to the front and rear wheels which have extra grippy, 10.5 inch off-road tires.

The engine is chain driven which is the same engine used on motor-bikes. Its sturdy steel frame is more than capable of handling long usage and you even get an adjustable seat post if you feel like sitting down.

The charging time takes about 6-8 hours for which you´ll get about an hour of riding time. A neat feature is the economy and turbo modes. In economy the top speed is reduced but the run-time increases. In turbo you get the full power of that beastly 1000W engine.

The price makes this scooter more of an investment than an impulse buy. At this price point you could buy moped, so it´s worth doing some extra research before taking the plunge.

  • Economy and turbo modes
  • Fully adjustable seating
  • Suitable for all adults
  • Excellent top speed
  • Disc brakes
  • LED front and back lamps

  • The price will limit its audience
  • Charge time is a little long
  • Fairly heavy makes manual pushing a bit of a chore

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Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter

Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter
An electric powered green scooter that has a simple yet appealing design. The Razor Ecosmart Metro scooter is great for short trips to the local park or running errand. Its scooter design will be easy for people to pick up plus the top speed of 18mph is impressive. The lead acid battery tends to let the product down a little but these issues are off-set by its affordable pricing. With this scooter, spending less doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. All the parts feel sturdy and well-made whilst Razor is an established brand with a helpful customer support team.

  • The design is attractive with the opportunity to add custom extras
  • A top speed of 18mph with a easy to learn riding style means you’ll be whizzing around the sidewalks in no time
  • Large 18” air-filled tires add a bit of comfort whilst ensuring you’ll have no problem with curbs or speed bumps
  • The product feels well-built with easy to follow instructions for getting set-up
  • It’s very light-weight which makes the ride feel quick and nimble
  • The price is affordable for most budgets

  • The battery takes a long time to charge whilst 40 minutes ride time restricts this to scooter to shorter journeys
  • There’s a lack of proper suspension which means, at higher speeds, things can be a little uncomfortable
  • Connecting the battery to the wall seems a little more complicated than it needs to be

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Hover-1 XLS Folding Electric Scooter

Hover-1 XLS Electric Scooter - Voted Best Electric ScooterThis scooter is unlike anything else on our list. The arrow shaped frame is made from aircraft grade aluminum which is powdered to protect the integrity of the metal and preserve the finish. It weighs just 50llbs but can support weights of up to 285llbs.

The Hover-1 xLS is a designed for adults. The chainless engine is efficient, producing a top speed of 20mph, by far the fastest on this list. Its engine is powered by a lithium ion, cylindrical battery that allows you to travel 22 miles on just a single charge. When you do run out, its light enough to fold-up and carry under your arm.

Good brakes are a must on a vehicle that goes as fast as this. There are anti-locking disc brakes fitted on the front and rear wheels that prevent you from slipping out at high speeds. Those wheels are 10” which means this scooter is comfortable riding over divots, cracks or stones. It keeps you comfortable via a dual suspension system.

You´d expect this top of the range scooter to have a top of the range price tag. Amazingly it doesn´t. This scooter is firmly situated in the mid-range level. Considering the features and performance on offer, it easily takes the mantle of our best buy award.

  • Drive shaft engine that is efficient with lots of torque
  • Lithium ion battery that is quick to recharge and lasts longer than any other scooter on our list
  • Big wheels that make riding over rougher surfaces a breeze
  • Fantastic brakes
  • Light-weight and foldable

  • What´s not to like? The speed and price tag make it unsuitable for younger children
  • Charging time is a little slow

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Razor RX200 Off-Road Scooter

Razor RX200 Off Road Electric ScooterScooter enthusiasts know that most electric scooters will never perform their best on a rough surface. Sometimes performance can drop by nearly half if you´re not riding on a marble smooth road. Razor have attempted to address this with the RX2000. The company´s first fully off-road scooter.

The RX2000 uses two 12V batteries to power its engine. That´s twice as much torque as the e90. Acceleration is controlled by a twist throttle whilst disc brakes are fitted to the off-ride tires to ensure a responsive stopping system.

This scooter really goes as well. A top speed of 12mph on almost any surface with a run-time of about 40 minutes. The scooter is built from steel which is far more durable than aluminum or carbon fiber. It is, of course, heavier as well weighing a stunning 46.4 llbs.

It seems a common issue with Razor products is their choice of battery. Both the RX2000 and the E90 using lead acid batteries. These batteries are less safe, decay quickly and require long charges of at least 12 hours. It´s a shame because everything else about this scooter is fantastic. If it had a lithium ion battery like the Swagtron it could easily be a top performer.

  • Disc brakes combined with grippy off-road tires
  • Steel construction that means you can ride on anything without damaging the frame
  • Top speed that isn´t affected by surface
  • Large alloy off-road wheels

  • Lead acid battery
  • No UL2272 certificate
  • Long charge time

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Razor Pocket Mod Signature Euro Electric Scooter


Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter Featured Image

I really like the look of this children´s mini-scooter from Razor. It´s available in a range of retro colors like mint-green, turquoise or pale pink with a cream leather seat which adds a real 60´s flavor. There are custom decals so kids can make it their own plus the saddle is comfortable with generous leg room for when they grow taller.

The controls are really straightforward with a throttle and a brake much like you´d find on a bike. What impresses me most is how well balanced it is, even at lower speeds. The 15mph top speed is powered by a chain driven motor which means it won´t suffer on rougher surfaces or grass.

The wheels are a massive 12” with rear suspension on the back tire. This improves comfort but also means you won´t have to worry about pot-holes or stones on the road. At the risk of sounding like a broken road, the problem for me is again the lead acid battery and the long charge time that comes with it. Aside from that, I can see this being a big hit with teenagers and young adults.

  • Super cool sixties design
  • Big 12” pneumatic tires
  • Rear suspension for added comfort
  • Ability to perform well on a variety of surfaces
  • Good top speed
  • Very well balanced
  • Great low cost price

  • Lead acid battery
  • Storage space under the seat is a little too small for most items
  • Isn´t suitable for taller adults

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Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Razor E300 Electric Scooter ReviewRazor have made a name for themselves by producing affordable scooters that offer decent overall performance. The E300 is one level up from the E200 offering 100 watts more power. For that, you get a cruising 15 mph top speed that performs well indoors and on smooth pavements.

The E300 has a maximum run time of 40 minutes after which you´ll have to recharge for 12 hours. It´s reasonably light-weight at just 48llbs so you will get a decent amount of thrust from the chain driven motor. The foot panel is nice and wide but it also houses the battery meaning there´s little ground clearance.

One of the ways that Razor manage to keep their costs down is by using lead acid batteries. These are typically large and require a lot of time to charge. For me, the future of electric scooters is definitely with a lithium battery. For that reason, if you have a higher budget I´d recommend looking at some of the mid-range scooters on our list.

  • Relatively low cost
  • Really good top speed
  • Well balanced with a wide foot panel
  • Removable seat
  • Reasonably light-weight

  • Clunky battery that takes a long time to charge
  • Short run-time

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Razor e90 Electric Scooter

Razor E-90 Electric Scooter
When kick-scooters exploded onto the scene in the early 2000´s the leading brand was Razor. Their products were cheap to build, cheaper to buy and caught the imagination of playground children across America. Since then, the Razor brand have entered the electric scooter marketplace with the kid´s e90 electric scooter.

With any kids toy the first thing to look at is safety. The e90´s speed is limited at 9mph with a pressure sensitive rear brake. It´s very easy to get used to the controls so I can´t see any real dangers in letting your ten year old roam around on one of these.

The main surprise is that the e90 doesn´t have an UL2272 safety certificate. That doesn´t mean it´s going to explode or anything like that. But, it does mean that the e90 hasn´t gone through as many safety checks as other scooters like the Swagtron. The other issue, for me, is the charge time. A full 12 hours are needed per charge with just a 120 minute run time.

Out of the box, it weighs about 10kg which is heavy for a scooter. There´s also a fair bit of wiring to do, to attach and remove the battery for charging. I´m sure most 8 year olds will love to ride on this thing, but there are better options available for the price.

  • Easy to get used to the controls
  • Speed limited for children
  • A smooth ride
  • A decent price
  • A reputable brand

  • No UL2272 certificate
  • Quite heavy
  • Lots of loose wiring inside

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Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Razor E-100 Electric ScooterKid´s toys are always a tricky investment. The reason for that is that children grow up fast. Their favorite toy can easily be consigned to the trash heap within a year. The Razor E100 children´s scooter is a great entry on our list because it´s so cheap which makes it a perfect children´s toy.

The E100 has a wide sturdy deck that makes balancing easy for even the youngest children. The motor kicks into gear after achieving a speed of 3mph and runs up to 10mph on flat surfaces. It´s a relatively basic chain operated engine that drains the battery fast.

A single charge takes 12 hours and you´ll be able to ride it for around 40 minutes. I can see this being a big hit as an indoor scooter but it is very limited on any other surface. The frame is made of strong steel which means it will last for a long time. The issues for me, is the acid battery that takes up a lot of room under the deck plus it has tricky wires than can easily come loose. At this price though, it´s a minor complaint. This is an excellent children´s toy available at a miniscule price.

  • Fantastically low price
  • Decent top speed provided you ride indoors
  • Well balanced and easy to control

  • The kick start may be a little difficult for younger children
  • Long charge time for a low battery life

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Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter Review

Razor E200s Electric Scooter Review - Featured ImageThe Razor E200S is a self-contained sit-down scooter aimed at younger children. It´s relatively cheap with a decent top speed of 12 mph and a maximum weight capacity of 154llbs. It´s relatively easy to set-up although you will need a vast array of tools including a bicycle pump for the tires, which must be pumped after the scooter is put together.

The E200s reaches 12 mph which is quite fast for a children´s scooter. The run time is 40 minutes and the lead acid battery means you´ll have to spend about 12 hours charging before it´s road ready.

Feature-wise the Razor E200s is a little bare. It operates with a standard, chain driven motor. The throttle is located on the handlebars and there´s a slow stopping rear break. It can be a stand-up or sit-down scooter thanks to its removable seat but I would recommend taking the seat off to maximize run time.
For me, the only thing that really stands out about the Razor E200s is the price. It´s insanely cheap and, with a solid steel frame, it´s sure to last a long time as well.

  • The price is excellent
  • Removable seats
  • Easy to set up in around 10 minutes
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Weight capacity means it´s suitable for teenagers as well as children

  • A real lack of features or innovation
  • Some of the tools needed for set-up aren´t included

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Criteria Used for this Evaluation

When it came to putting this list together we began our shortlist based on top-selling brands as well as smaller brands that had produced highly rated products. Where possible we´ve referenced independent consumer review sites like which?, Cnet and

In order to help decide what buyers would want in an electric scooter we conducted extensive research into types of engine, batteries as well as braking systems. These three aspects became the core criteria for our evaluation. In addition to the core criteria, we also assessed price, looks and portability with added points for unique, or useful features.

Electric Engines

There are three types of electric engine found on electric scooters. Each type has its own positives and drawbacks. Choosing the right engine is important because it directly influences the speed, torque and efficiency of your scooter. Below we´ll cover each engine type in depth to help you choose the right scooter.

Chain driven engine

Chain driven engines are by far the most common engine for electric scooters. The engine is similar to a bicycle in that there is large gear, the Pinion, and a smaller gear, the Sprocket. These are linked together by a continuous metal chain. The battery turns the Pinion which sets the chain in motion turning the Sprocket.

Chain driven engines are typically sturdy and long-lasting. They also provide an efficient level of power. The only drawbacks to a chain-driven engine is the weight of the chain as well as surging. Surging results in speed variations and makes it difficult for the scooter to maintain a consistent steady mph.

Chainless DC Hub Motor

The Glen Dolly scooter on this list uses a chainless DC Hub motor rather than a chain driven engine. The real advantage of using a chainless engine is that it´s compact. Sending energy through a drive shaft rather than through a chain. Chainless engines are more efficient plus they won´t suffer from surging in the way a traditional chain driven engine will.

Chainless motors are becoming increasingly common in electric bikes and scooters. One of the reasons for that is that power can be transferred in two directions. With the engine engaged power will come from the battery. However, if you push manually, the power you generate can be sent back to the battery to recharge it. Currently this technology is being used predominately on electric bicycles. In the near future I can see it becoming an industry standard on all personal transport vehicles.

Neo-dymium motors

Neo-dymium is an earth-magnet that produces a phenomenal amount of magnetic energy. So much so, that it is starting to be used in electric motors. These motors offer far more torque whilst fitting into a small space. Using magnetic force reduces friction significantly which means very little energy is wasted when in use.


Knowing a little about batteries will really help you to make an informed decision about your scooter. When we speak about power, we´re primarily talking about the strength of the wattage. Naturally, running more watts through an engine will increase its ability to handle inclines and tough surfaces. It also effects the weight capacity as well the acceleration.

As a rule of thumb, a battery that emits 250W, typically 12 volts is a children´s motor. That amount of watts just isn´t enough to carry a fully grown adult. You´ll also notice that motors in the 250W capacity the engine feels sluggish and will struggle on tougher surfaces. On the other hand, if you´re buying for a child, you´re not going to want a hugely powerful engine that could put their safety in jeopardy.

When you´re choosing an electric scooter think about what you´re going to use it for. If you´re planning on every day usage you´ll want a scooter with an output between 750W and 2000W. The higher the Wattage the higher price, so think carefully about what you actually need before you part with any money.

Lead Acid Battery

When electric scooters first hit the market-place they were fitted with a lead acid battery. These are found in all sorts of home appliances like fridges. They´re cheap to produce, reasonably efficient and they last a long time. The downside is that they take an age to charge. Typically, 12 to 24 hours. Another problem with lead batteries is that they are usually connected with wires which can easily come loose. Finally, as the battery decays, or if it´s damaged, it can run very hot and become a safety hazard.

Lithium Ion Battery

Lithium battery technology was developed largely because of mobile phones, tablets and portable computers. The trend was to make devices smaller and smaller. As a result extensive, and expensive, research was invested in Lithium Ion batteries.

In today´s market that research is being utilized in electric scooters. Lithium batteries are superior to lead batteries because of the low charge time; typically, 1 to 3 hours. They´re also much safer. Lithium use metal to generate energy which means, even as the battery decays, there is no risk of leaking fluid or catching fire. If you´re looking at an electric scooter as a long term investment we´d highly recommend getting one that uses a lithium ion battery.

Razor Pocket Mod

Available Colors: x8

Wheel Size: 12"

Weight Capacity: 170 lbs

Range: 10 miles

Max Speed: 15 mph

Charge Time: 12 Hours

Additional Features:
Hand operated brake, under seat storage, twist-grip throttle

Best For Children!

OjO Commuter

Available Colors: x7

Motor Size: 500w

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Range: 25 Miles

Max Speed: 20 mph

Charge Time: 6-8 Hours

Additional Features:
LED Headlight, LED Breaklights, Horn, Battery Charging indicator light, front+rear suspension, Kickstand, Storage hook 

Best Commuter!

Turbo 1000w Elite

Available Colors: Green

Wheel Size: 10 in. 

Weight Capacity: 220 lbs

Runtime: 18 Miles

Max Speed: 18-26 mph

Charge Time: 6-8 Hours

Additional Features:
Kick stand, Headlight, Key ignition, Shock absorbers, Padded comfort seat, Off-road tires

Best Off-Road!

UL was established shortly after hover boards, electric scooters and Segways became popular. The reason it was established was due to cheap manufacture of electric motors and faulty batteries that resulted in a small number of fires. The products had been purchased off Amazon which led to the company removing 90% of personal transport devices from its listings.

In response, UL developed a rigorous set of criteria to assess the safety of electric powered personal transport. The organization is approved by both the US and Canadian government and ensures product equipment is safe. The full criteria is available from their website.

UL approved it´s first hoverboard in May 2016 which is very recent. If a product doesn´t have a UL certificate it doesn´t necessarily mean it´s unsafe. Any products designed before May 2016 will not have UL certificates. Those products will have passed numerous safety checks, especially if they are US based like Razor. The UL2272 is an extremely rigorous testing process and it is smarter to go with a UL certified product for obvious reasons.

Electric scooters are only as good as the batteries that power them. Rechargeable batteries will naturally decay over time. As the battery life decays they will have less power and will run for a shorter period of time. If you take care of the batteries you can easily get high performance for a period of 3-5 years.

There´s a few tips and tricks you can use to help extend the life of your batteries:

Remove the battery when the unit is not being used
If at all possible, try to remove the battery when the machine is not in use. As long as a battery remains connected to something it will send out a small charge. If the battery life is low, that small charge can cause rapid decay of the battery.

Charge fully before using the first time
The first time you charge your scooter ensure that it charges to the maximum. Lead acid batteries will sometimes require double charge time of up to 24 hours the first time. Always follow the manufacturing instructions to ensure long-lasting battery life.

Let the battery run all the way down before recharging
When you run energy through a battery to recharge it, the battery will decay slightly with each charge. Lithium Batteries, for example, have a lifespan of 3 years or 400 charges. To ensure your battery doesn´t decay faster than it needs to let the battery run all the way down before recharging.

Never overcharge your battery
This is the golden rule of taking care of your batteries. When batteries are overcharged they can decay rapidly because the temperature of the battery heats up. Most batteries should be kept below 50 degrees. If the battery temperature goes over that, it will no longer function to its full capabilities.

Tough question. The answer really depends on you. Hover-boards look much cooler and are easier to transport but they don´t offer the same out-put as the other two. Electric scooters and mini-segways are slightly more expensive than hover-boards but will perform much better. Take a look at some of our other pages to decide which one is best for you.

It´s as easy to grab a bargain as it is to bag a dud when you´re shopping second hand. When it comes to electric motors you can run into trouble with a depleted battery. The worse thing about that is you probably won´t realize you´ve got a dud battery until after the purchase. If you´re sure about buying second hand always check the seller is fully authorized and if it´s easy to replace the battery. A warranty or exchange option is also a must.

Because we way several different criteria when selecting the best electric scooters, and because sometimes the vendor just ceases production or goes out of business you may not have seen some of your personal favorites on this list. Here are a few more picks that couldn’t quite make or list this year.

SWAGTRON Swagger High Speed Adult Electric Scooter Review

SWAGTRON Swagger High Speed Adult Electric Scooter
Someone in the marketing department needs to take a long hard look at themselves after naming Swag´s electric transport line. Swagtron just doesn´t have the same ring as Segway. Thankfully, the swagger high speed electric scooter is a lot more than just a name.

Carbon-fibre is a light-weight, high performance material that is commonly found on supercars. This latest offering in affordable personal transport is built from the same material. Using carbon fibre means Swagtron can fit a smaller, 250W engine into the scooter without sacrificing performance.

The swagger high-speed can reach up to 15 miles an hour and will run for about an hour on a single charge. It weighs just over 17llbs so when you do run out of power you simply fold it up and carry it under your arm. Recharge time is a mere 1.5 hours so you´ll be back out on the road in no time.

Swagtron have even included a cruise control system for when you´re just starting out. Cruise control is really useful because it lets you focus on your balance and the environment around you rather than gears.

This scooter is available at a very low price so naturally there´s a couple of issues to point out. The first, is its inability to handle more than a 20% incline. The second, is its low ground clearance. Tackling hills is not a huge problem because you can always push with your feet to help the engine out. The low ground clearance, on the other hand is a problem. Bumps, rocks or cracks will fast become your worst enemy. They really reduce the performance overall. It´s a decent performer with a low price tag and some wonderfully convenient features.

  • Excellent price tag
  • Carbon fiber material is a nice surprise on a model so cheap
  • A decent speed provided you are on a smooth surface
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • Quick recharge time
  • Has a UL2272 safety certificate

  • Rougher surfaces see that top speed drop to a walking pace
  • Low ground clearance
  • Only 1 hour riding per charge

Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter

Glion Foldable Electric ScooterThe Glen Dolly is a smartly designed, high performance scooter with excellent portability. The first thing that strikes me is just how light this scooter is. It weighs a measly 28llbs which means you won´t have to haul this thing around after the battery runs down. Even if you did, the foldable design doubles as a trolley, with two mini trolley wheels and an adjustable handle, to make transportation easy.

The light-weight nature of this scooter means that it´s easy to push manually. When you engage the lithium powered engine you get a top speed of 15 mph with a run time of 15 miles. Recharging it takes just 3 hours without any wires or tricky connecting cables.

The frame is made from powdered aluminum which makes the component parts far more resilient than you´d expect. The metal lasts longer plus the sleek black finish won´t fade over time. I´m really impressed by this scooter and you´d be hard pushed to find a better electric scooter for the money.

  • Lithium Ion battery that has a quick charge time and fits neatly beneath the panel
  • A good top speed
  • Foldable trolley feature
  • Air craft grade aluminum frame
  • Powdered aluminum finish
  • Light-weight

  • The performance really suffers on even the slightest inclines
  • The run time could be a little longer

Columbia TX-550 Seated Electric Scooter

Columbia TX 550 Electric ScooterYou might think that we put this scooter here solely for its looks. We´d forgive you that because it does look really cool. A seventies vintage orange and cream panel is complemented by a dark leather saddle. It´s definitely an eye-catching way to move.

The reason the Columbia TX-550 makes it on our list is the engine. A high-tech, high-torque neo-dymium magnet motor.Neo-dymium is a rare earth magnet that offers unprecedented levels of power. They store lots of energy in a small space with phenomenal torque output. Performance-wise, this scooter has 550W of power that take you to a top speed of 18mph. It´s fast with 12.5 inch road tread tires and will run for 12-15 miles on a single charge.

I think the team at Columbia have let themselves down a little bit when it comes to the battery. The unit is a lead filled battery that takes 12 hours to charge. If that wasn´t bad enough the battery has to be fully removed for charging, and the initial set-up is confusing and difficult.
In spite of the set-up issues, this scooter is still one of the coolest looking on the market with a seriously high torque output. I´m really looking forward to seeing easier to follow instructions and a better battery on their future models.

  • Excellent torque output
  • Innovative neo-dymium magnetic engine
  • Looks real stylish
  • Comfortable ride
  • Good top speed

  • Lead battery that takes a long time to charge
  • Difficult for first time set-up
  • Low ground clearance

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Final Verdict

On our list of the best electric scooters we´ve included high-performance scooters, children’s scooters, the best entry level scooters and even off-road scooters. Hopefully, there´s something for everyone on this list. When you´re choosing a scooter, always look at the three core criteria of battery, engine and brakes. If you´re going to be using it daily then by all means invest more, if it´s for a child who will outgrow the scooter there is little point in spending thousands. As always if you have any further questions, take a look at our FAQ´s section above!

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