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Atom H.4 electric Skateboard

This model is no longer available. (As of 12/1/2018).  Check out the latest Electric Skateboard Review article for more options!

A compact electric skateboard with a classic look, the Atom H-4 combines the technology of motorized boards with the traditional features of trick riding skateboards. This board is perfect for smaller riders who want to travel short distances on a motorized board, but still want the versatility of having a traditional long board to take to the skate park. Weighing just 8 pounds, it is the perfect motorized skateboard for a commuter who needs to hop on a bus or subway car to finish the trip to the office. Will this board win any speed and distance competitions? No, it will not; but it does offer a high quality,safety tested, dependable ride for a reasonable amount of money.

The H-4 is the baby brother of Atom’s other skateboards, and there are a bunch. Atom has been making long boards for over 10 years, using only the finest materials and techniques. Thousands of templates and trial and error testing have perfected their product to the point that Atom Long boards are desired by serious, even professional, skateboarders. The electronics division is fairly new, but sure to grow as Atom’s superior reputation becomes synonymous with great motorized skateboards.


The Atom H-4 electric skateboard is just one in a wide range of long boards made by Atom Longboards, a Colorado based company in business since 2005. This little electric board is the perfect product to introduce Atom to the world of electric skateboards. Designed for beginners and younger riders, the Atom H-4 is limited on performance, but high on quality.

The H-4 is a 27 inch motorized skateboard weighing around 8 pounds. This compact size makes it perfect to cram in a backpack or tuck under your arm as you commute to your office. You’d better hope that office is close-by though. The Atom H-4 has a range of only 4 miles, weak among even the cheapest electric boards. With a 9 mph max speed, it’s not going to win any prizes in that category either. Where it does stand out, however, is the build quality and high performance parts.

Like all Atom long boards, the H-4 was designed by a skateboarder for skateboarders. The deck is made of the finest quality hardwood, carefully chosen for not only the strength, but also for the beauty of the grain of the wood. An eye catching decal and several coats of varnish create a board that others will notice.

The deck is then mounted onto strong aluminum trucks and 70 mm polyurethane wheels to carry you down the sidewalk or up the half pipe. The hub mounted 400 W motor can easily be detached to allow you to operate the H-4 like a traditional long board. The classic kick tail and non slip deck make it easy to do jumps, kicks, and flips.

A UL laboratories approved, Lithium Ion battery pack powers the H-4 electric skateboard, and recharges easily using regular household current. Also, this board has regenerative braking, which means the motor will reverse the energy output when you are applying the brake, allowing the battery to use that energy for charging. This is similar technology to a hybrid automobile.

The Atom H-4 is best suited for smaller riders, as the recommended weight limit is only 170 pounds. Combine that with the shorter length board and you can see that it would not be comfortable for very large adults. The programming offers two modes, beginner and expert. Beginner will keep your speed down while allowing you to master the feel of the board. Expert will increase your speed up to 9 miles per hour.

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Quality– This electric skateboard is built by Atom Longboards, a company with over 10 years of proven skateboard building experience. Only the highest quality parts and materials are used and the company has performed thousands of tests to make sure you get a great ride, no matter which board you choose.

Customer service, warranty, replacement parts– Because it is made in Colorado, it is easy for United States residents to get in touch with the company, and the customer service is outstanding.

Regenerative braking– Putting on the brakes helps recharge the battery.

Size and weight– The board is compact enough to stuff in a backpack if you need to head to school or the office.

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Speed– The maximum speed is only 9 mph on expert mode, with a lightweight rider on a flat surface.

Range– The board will only travel for 4 miles, about half an hour at top speed, before it needs recharging.

Versatility– You can disengage the wheel hub motor and use this like a traditional kick push long board.

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 Dimensions: 27.5 x 9 x 4.5 inches
 Weight: 8 pounds
 Wheels size: 70mm
 Deck: Canadian Maple
 Age Recommendation: 9 and above
 Weight Capacity: 165 pounds
 Drive Train: Hub Motors
 Miles per charge: 4 miles
 Maximum Speed: 10 miles per hour
 Battery Type: Lithium Ion
 Charging Time: Not Listed
 Brakes: Regenerative Braking!

7.8 Total Score
Great Entry Level Board

Atom's exceptional skateboard building experience guarantees you a high quality long board that just happens to have a small motor attached. The classic shark shape and kick tail give you ability to do everything you can on a traditional skateboard, plus you can disengage the motor and kick push the board whenever you feel like it.

Quality Of Product
Extra Features
Value For Money
  • Excellent company reputation
  • High quality products
  • Classic design and look
  • Regenerative charging
  • Great entry level board
  • Speed is at minimum for most electric skateboard models
  • Range is sub par
  • Size limits who can ride this board
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