Apex Star I SP800 Speeder Electric Unicycle Review

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  • Fantastic speed and range.
  • It is suitable for all ages. (as long as your feet can touch the foot-rests)
  • It is a very comfortable ride.
  • Very accommodating for beginners because of its self-balancing feature.
  • Surprisingly light and easy to move around with.

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Description and Review

Riding on this electric unicycle is so much fun! The Apex Star 1 SP800 Unibike really is a fantastic combination of an electric bike and an electric unicycle. We have tried this unicycle and we really love our experience with this awesome electric ride.


The main feature that sets this ‘unibike’ apart from the competition is it’s seat and handle. It looks more like a bicycle with only one wheel.  While the intuitive bike-like design makes learning to ride the Star 1 much more forgiving, like any other unicycle, balancing still needs to be mastered.

Self-balancing is much easier with this unique electric unicycle because it features an inverted pendulum design. This principle allows you to be able to balance on your new wheel in the first 15 minutes of use! (If you haven’t tried one of these before, that is amazing) It makes it so much easier for riders to speed off and easily adjust to an effortless and convenient ride.

This speeder showcases a pretty decent speed at 22 miles per hour. You can easily speed off by leaning forward and slow down by leaning back. Steering is much easier too because you have the handle to do that for you instead of shifting your weight from left to right—where you often shift your weight to one direction too much that you end up falling over.

With a powerful battery, you can ride up to a distance of 35 miles. That’ is by a wide margin the best combination of speed & range we’ve come across so far. The 800 W battery is an absolute monster for something in this category.

Another thing to consider is the ride itself. The seat is soft & wide, which should accommodate riders of all sizes quite well. It also boasts larger than normal foot rests for a nice relaxing, comfortable riding experience. The casing is made of poly-carbonate plastic. It is quite durable, but may become weak and brittle over time if left out in the elements. (sun, rain, etc)  Make no mistake, the Star-1 is incredibly strong, boasting a passenger capacity of up to 265 pounds and operates at nearly the same distance & same speeds!

There are so many accessories that come with the Apex Star I Speeder. It includes a saddle bag, a cell phone holder, a flashlight, a compass, and some tools for adjusting your ride. Throw in a generous 1 year warranty, and the Apex Star 1 is a solid purchase no matter how you look at it.

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Apex Star 1 At A Glance

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Comfort is definitely our favorite quality of this unibike. With the ease of balance and ease of use & the latest self-balancing technology, this is a ride that immediately lets you hit the ground running and doesn’t require hours/days of training. It has good comfortable speed and great mileage that allows you to cruise farther distances. This unibike is a great option for kids young and old! You can relax and cruise for miles and miles on single charge and enjoy the journey instead of having to worry about maintaining your balance constantly or focusing entirely too much on the upcoming terrain.

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This unibike really isn’t built for off-road conditions, heavy rainfall or difficult terrain. Since this wheel uses the inverted pendulum system, it is more dependent on rolling over even paved grounds; mud is not a friendly setting for this unibike since it easily sinks and loses its balance quickly. While the seat is a really nice addition, for those of you seeking something more portable (say to carry on the bus) Will be a bit dissapointed by the cumbersome seat & handle design.

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 Dimensions: 31.5 x 17 x 20.8 inches
 Weight: 37 pounds
 Wheels type: 14″ Rubber Tires
 Frame: Aluminum Alloy & Polycarbonate plastic shell
 Age Recommendation: 15 and above
 Weight Capacity: 265 pounds
 Motor: 800 W motor
 Miles per charge: 35 miles
 Maximum Speed: 22 miles per hour
 Battery Type: Lithium Ion
 Charging Time: 4 Hours
 Bluetooth Functionality: Bluetooth App
 App Connectivity: AppStore, Google Play Store
 Additional Features: Flashlight, Compass, Saddlebag, Cellphone Holder

8 Total Score
We Love This Hybrid!

Overall, this is a sweet ride. It is pretty much a decent ride for those who would love to cruise around town for a longer distance. This is great when it comes to comfort which allows you, your parents and even your grandparents to enjoy. It helps in traveling from one place to another with lesser effort and greater ease and comfort and it is also great on beginners since it already comes with a self-balancing technology. However, you have to wait for a long time for it to charge before you can use it again.

Speed & Range
Design & Ergonomics
Build Quality & Maintenance
Value For Money
Available Features
  • Fantastic speed and range.
  • It is suitable for all ages. (as long as your feet can touch the foot-rests)
  • It is a very comfortable ride.
  • Very accommodating for beginners because of its self-balancing feature.
  • Surprisingly light and easy to move around with.
  • It is not as portable as other models.
  • Not the best choice to tackle difficult terrain.
  • May not be practical for really tall riders.
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