Aijiu Mini – Self Balancing 2 Wheel Stand Up Scooter

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This model has been discontinued. Check out our  Mini Segway Review article for more options!

The use of self balancing mini transport vehicles is a growing trend. These miniature Segway type devices are gaining popularity. As a result more manufacturers are producing them and prices are decreasing. One of the newer models on the market is the AijiuMini Personal Transport vehicle. Manufactured in China by Aijiu Industries, this self balancing two wheel vehicle is almost identical to the Ninebot miniPro.


The Aijiu two-wheeled, self balancing mini transport vehicle looks like a tiny version of the large Segway personal transport used by security guards, police officers, and park officials. The difference is the size and weight. The Aijiu is compact and portable. It allows the rider to steer without the handlebars. The Aijiu is small enough to lift up and put in the trunk of the car.

The Aijiu personal transport is powered by two 350 W motors, attached to the wheels. It has 10.5″ tires that travel over smooth surfaces such as sidewalks and asphalt, as well as packed gravel or dirt. The rider controls the motion of the device by pressing against a center mounted knee controller. The device recognizes shifts in the riders weight and steers the appropriate direction. The rider leans forward to move forward, presses with the left knee or right knee to change direction, or leans back to slow or reverse.

The Aijiu mini personal transport connects to your smartphone by Bluetooth technology. The app allows the rider to see speed, battery life, and other data about the device.

The Aijiu has a rechargeable lithium ion battery and recharges in a few hours. Information about battery life or travel range is not available at this time, but you can assume it would be similar to the Xiami Ninebot, since they are so similar.Specifics about speed and rider weight are also unavailable

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Aijiu Personal Transporter Preview

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The Aijiu mini personal transport vehicle joins others on the market as a consumer option for a Segway type device. It is lightweight and portable. It operates using two 350 W motors powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. It features a smart phone app that shares user data about the device. It has 10.5″ rubber, air filled tires that travel on smooth or hard packed surfaces

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Little is known about this device. we were unable to find specifications about size, material, warranty, or safety ratings. While the device looks very similar to the Xiami Ninebot, it is unknown whether the two are made of the same material or not. Also, we were unable to find out speed, range, or load capacity. If this manufacturer wants to be taken seriously, they need to put out more information about their product.


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 Dimensions: unkown
 Weight: 28 pounds
 Wheels: 10.5″ Rubber w/ tread
 Motor: x2 350w wheel motors
 Battery Type: rechargeable Lithium Ion
 Charging Time: 3-4 Hours
 Steering: knee pad controls
 Safety Features: LED lights, rubberized non-slip foot pads

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While little is known about it, many of the features are similar to other mini transport devices. Our concerns come from the lack of information about the device and the company. With so many horror stories about fly by night Chinese companies and exploding batteries, we would be leery of purchasing this one. Nothing is known about the type of materials it is built from, the warranty, or shipping information. Other products shipped directly from China require a return to China for service or warranty replacement. This product probably has a similar warranty. Unless more information is made available to the public, we recommend you pass on this one.

Speed & Range
Value For The Money
  • It appears that this device has been modeled after existing devices, so we can hope that the same technologies have been used. The knee control steering is responsive and easy to learn. The large tires allow travel on a variety of surfaces. Two motors should provide decent power to carry most adult riders.
  • There are too many unknowns to really determine if this personal transport is a good buy or not. Without knowing the details about the product we cannot in good faith recommend it to a consumer.
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