40cc 4-Stroke Gas Powered Pocket Bike Review

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  • Fuel efficient
  • Easy to get used to the controls
  • Suited to 13+ age group
  • Sharp acceleration

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Description and Review

If you’ve been to California in the last ten years you’ve probably heard of the pocket bike craze; if you live there you definitely have. These miniature 40cc bikes make a heck of a noise but are fast becoming the go-to ride for petrol heads across America.

With Minimoto’s national races, due to begin in May we thought we’d bring you some of finest, affordable practice bikes on the market, starting with Xtremepower US’s 40cc four-stroke pocket bike.


Xtreme power use the same frame design as Moto-tec products. Based on super-bikes the sharp, aerodynamic design looks fast before you’ve even turned the engine on. With a black base color, owners can choose between four different colors (including pink) for the decals.

You can’t quite fit this in your pocket, but the 22.8″ height, and 18.5″ inch saddle will give you some idea of where these bikes get their name from.

The gas-powered engine is a four-stoke with 40cc. Four-stroke engines are less powerful than two-strokes, which we’d expect to find on a racer, but they are more fuel efficient. It’s a pull-start engine that uses a chain drive to transfer power to the wheels. The engine uses unleaded petrol, and won’t require any oil to be added during use.

According to the factory website, owners should have a good technical knowledge of how engines work before making a purchase. You’ll also need to sign a disclaimer should anything go wrong.

The biggest difference between gas-powered engines and electric ones is acceleration. The Mototec 4-stroke has a sharp throttle but tops out at around 18mph. The throttle is variable speed although younger riders should take some time to get used to the acceleration.

The handling is relatively responsive whilst the handlebar brakes are easy to access. There’s even a small wind-shield to reduce distractions although, we’d recommend investing in a helmet with a visor.

Front and rear disc brakes keep stopping distances although, out of the box, they are very sensitive. Clamping the brakes hard will easily buck a rider off although, at 18mph, you won’t do yourself too much damage if that happens.

The tires are designed for asphalt so you’ll run into a significant loss of performance if your taking this on a trail or gravel surface. They stand about 11″ high with a racing tread that helps deliver decent torque without slipping out. We wouldn’t recommend riding in wet weather conditions as the racing grip won’t perform well on anything but dry asphalt.

There’s very little by way of technology on this bike. We particularly disappointed at the lack of a speed-o-meter or rev counter.

Out of the box, the only things you have to adjust are the handle-bars. Then you screw in some pegs and attach the front cover. All in all it should take about 30 minutes before you’re ready to hit the road.

This bike uses a 0.32 galleon gas tank which offers around 26 miles per tank. The emissions level are EPA approved although we would expect that given the small engine size. For riders up to 165llbs, a 26 mile range is a good return for a full tank of petrol.

It’s not the cheapest bike you can get but it’s certainly affordable. It costs around $300 dollars to pick one up whilst the overall fuel consumption is low thanks to the four-stroke engine. The build quality is a little cheap on the outside, but the inner frame is guarded by a solid steel cage. Overall, we felt it represented good value for money.

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  • EPA approved with a fuel efficient four-stroke engine
  • Rides at full tilt for 26 miles per tank
  • Affordable and suitable for riders of 13 years and above
  • Easy to set up
  • Sharp acceleration

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  • Uses complex mechanical parts so owners should have some technical knowledge
  • Not street legal

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  Dimensions: 35″ L x 17.5″ W x 20.5″ H
 Weight: 53lbs
 Wheels type: 11 inch pneumatic street tires
 Motor: 40CC 4 Stroke, Pull start motor
 Age Recommendation: 16 and above
 Weight Capacity: 165 pounds
  Range: 26 miles per tank
 Maximum Speed: 25-30 MPH (weight dependent)
 Charging Time: 4-6 Hours
 Available Colors: Black+Red & Black+White

8.2 Total Score
Great Entry Level Mini Motorcycle

All in all, we were impressed with the quality and fuel efficiency of this pocket-bike. It has a competitive price with an easy to get grips with control system. The acceleration is rapid so that will take some getting used to, especially for younger riders, but we had a lot of fun checking this bike out. Currently this version is out of stock but you can find it on Amazon for a limited time.

Value For Money
Top Speed
Build Quality
  • Fuel efficient
  • Easy to get used to the controls
  • Suited to 13+ age group
  • Sharp acceleration
  • Owners should have some technical knowledge before purchase
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