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As battery technology advances, Electric rideables of all kinds are evolving as well. One really cool ride that you may not have considered yet is the ...

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Electric skateboards are sweeping the country. Travel to almost any major city in the world and you will see skaters zipping around on motorized long ...

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Anyone who has walked the streets of a big city will have had the slightly disconcerting experience of a pedestrian gliding past you on what looks like a ...

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Let’s be honest… I think we had all hoped that we would be cruising around town via flying cars or jet packs by now, right? While we haven’t quite ...

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Hoverboards are undoubtedly the coolest new trend in modern transport. The hoverboard (aka Self balancing scooter) has brought an eighties sci-fi fantasy ...

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Riding a pocket bike is a thrilling experience that is fast-becoming a nationwide trend. Originally designed to help introduce children as young as 8 to the ...

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